Thursday, March 7, 2013

Date night

On Saturday we wrapped our Upward season with two wins and two happy boys.  Matthew's team ended the season 7-1, and Ryan's team just ended the season.  Even though no score is kept for kindergartner's, Matthew always keeps score to torment Ryan with.  That's how we know that Ryan physically killed Matt to admit that they crushed the last team.  Oh well...on to AAU ball and baseball. 

I love a good date night. But you know what makes a date night more fun....other people with you on the date. Solo coupling is for daters. And daters we are not!  So we asked our dear friends Brent and Sharon if they would like to head over to San Jose and catch a Sharkies (in our house, they are affectionately known as that) game.  Brent is a huge hockey fan like Rich, and I didn't know until dinner that the Sharks are his favorite team.  Which was cool...unless he was humoring me because that's who we were going to watch--and root for loudly.

We had dinner at the fantastic restaurant in downtown San Jose called The Counter.  Food was delish!!  We all loved what we ordered and raved over the three, yes three, different kinds of fries we ordered.

We made it just in time to the game, thanks to the nifty navigation Sharon has in her car.  I only mention this because on the console, where the gear shift is--I think--is a little mouse or joystick that the driver uses to "navigate" around the navigation system.  It occurred to me as I watched Brent drive and try to "navigate" with the mouse, that if we owned this car and Rich was driving...our car would be wrapped around the nearest telephone pole.  No joke!  I am so grateful that the system that is in my car can ONLY be operated when you are in a parked position.  If Rich had access to work this joystick while we were driving...again, not a happy ending.  The headline would read, "Tragedy as family of four crashes, driver's hand found on joystick!" 

The nice man behind us took our picture.

The guys....

The gals....

Okay, so we need to talk about the best part of the evening.  No, it wasn't that we had an amazing dinner...because it was.  No, it wasn't that we saw the Sharks win...even though it was much needed.  No, the best part of the evening happened approximately fifteen minutes after the game was over as Sharon and I were patiently waiting for the guys to exit the restroom.  As we were standing there, talking, minding our own business, this young (very young) guy walks up to us and opens with, "Do you guys know of a bar around here?"  The good news is that he was at least old enough to drink, because it was clear that was what he had been doing for a majority of the night.  The random chit chat conversation that took place was hysterical.  I don't even remember half of what he said because all I could think about was that Brent and Rich were going to walk out of the bathroom at any minute and see this fella making conversation with us.  As they came out, he was walking away and Sharon and I just started giggling.  And couldn't stop.  I do love that Brent opened with, "Did you tell him you were married?" and we looked at each other and said...." Uh, no."  This is the difference between Rich and Brent...Rich would have never asked me that.  He would have just laughed and made fun of me the rest of the night.  And he did.  Sooo funny!!!  That incident will live on as something Sharon and I come back to every now and again, you know, just for the fun of it!

I had to include this next picture.  This is the next morning when Ryan found out that we went to the Sharkies game without him.  Oops.  Cried for thirty minutes straight.  No joke!

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