Saturday, March 23, 2013

Science Olympiad!!!

Quick update...the mission project is finished!!!  I was not a popular mom the other day when I sat Matt down and said, "We are finishing this today!!!"  I knew this weekend would be crazy, so we pushed through and it turned out great!

I am not a crafty person at all.  AT ALL.  But we chose a scrapbook instead of a build.  I can take pictures and write...I don't build.

Finished product!

On to Science Olympiad. 

What a fun day!  The entire experience was met with some mixed emotions, but overall it was a great experience.  Matthew competed in three events: Extinction is Forever, Bottle Music, and Rubber band Catapult.  A couple of weeks ago, Matthew had a bit of a panic attack and it was completely understandable.  Extinction is Forever was a study competition and that meant he and his partner were responsible for not only knowing if the species /animals were extinct or endangered, they also had to know the reason, their habitat, primary location, and when this happened.  It is a lot of information and he kind of hit a breaking point.  As much as I tried to tell him that he just had to do his best and no one would get mad or be disappointed if he didn't do well, it was still so stressful for him. 

Reese Roadrunners Represented!!!
Matt and Nicholas having breakfast before their first event.

Luke, Nicholas, and Matt watching egg drop.  These three boys are inseparable!

Extinction group.  They were all smiles, but they were sooooo nervous!

Last minute studying.

Rubber band Catapult.

Matthew and Brian setting up.

Reese cheer section!

Bottle Music group!!

Our cheering section for Science Bowl.

WINNERS!!!!!!!  Matt's team won 5th place for Bottle Music!!

Proud kids!!  They worked hard and did a great job!

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