Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A Little Work...A Little Play

Spring break is here!!  And it is like 80 degrees outside and beautiful.  I had to walk into the my hidden stash of summer clothes in Ryan's closet, which he does not know is there (on purpose), to get some summer gear out.  The next two weeks will be full of no make-up, air dried hair, and comfy summer dresses, with maybe a cardigan or two thrown in, and I am going to love every minutes of it.

On Sunday we headed to Fresno to celebrate Grandma Jean's 85 birthday.  The boys had left the day before so that they could suck as much cousin time out of the trip as possible.  We had a great day at Grandma's and then went back to Mike and Stacy's to stay for the night.  And that was a treat because we rarely stay with them anymore due to mostly day trips.  Sunday night Mason had basketball tryouts and we were told "No girls allowed", which I totally get!  However, that left Stacy and Mikayla and I to fill the time while they were gone, so we went and got massages.  That is what you call a win, win!

Monday morning we headed to Carmel for the second leg of our trip.  As I said before, I picked...wait, Matthew picked Carmel as his fourth grade mission project.  And I supported him a hundred percent and told him that we would be more than happy to take him there to help him with his project. We could not have picked a better day!  It was gorgeous there!  I mean stupid, ridiculous, gorgeous, then again begging the question---why is it we don't live here???   Oh yeah...the dough. 

We started our day at First Awakening (that's First Watch to you locals! Hi Noelle;).  We decided to jump start our brains with the proper nourishment for the information we would be collecting.

Ryan chose the Mickey Pancake.

I chose the special...salmon and grilled mushrooms eggs benedict.  Yep, it was that good. 

Excited boy.  At breakfast he went over a list of things he specifically wanted to include with pictures. 

He is all ready.

Unfortunately there was major construction going on and a lot of the mission was closed off.  Matt was really disappointed that the cemetery was closed because he had just done some work on a writing piece for his report.

I thought I would show you all the pictures that I took first.  Because all the pictures I took first had both boys in them because Ryan wanted to be in every picture.  When we kept telling him that they were for Matt's report, his response..."That's okay, she can know I was here too." Again, I have two sets of every of both, and then one of Matt.

After we were done we headed to Carmel.  A little drive along the scenic route.

We sat and watched this couple with eight dogs, which we thought might have been a litter, but when we got closer realized that they were all older dogs.  Anyway, they ran around in the water like crazy.  So fun to watch!

Shorts and t-shirts...crazy beautiful weather.

This bird kept me company while I watched the car.

Last shot of the day...

Okay...let's start a poll.  State reports for fifth grade officially start nine months from now.  Where should we go???  I mean, of course, what state should Matt pick as HIS choice for state report???  Because I have a couple in mind and flights would have to be booked shortly. :)

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