Thursday, April 18, 2013

Have we discussed Kamryn???

So, I tried to think back if I have mentioned Kamryn or done a post about her, and I can't find anything.  Maybe I didn't search hard enough, but oh it goes.

Kamryn is Ryan's love interest.  She is the girl that currently consumes all of his thoughts.  Well, her and Mindcraft.  I fear this whole infatuation doesn't end well.  He is all in and it is pitiful to watch, yet incredibly entertaining to say the least. does this end well?

Ryan started off the year with two best friends in class.  And as a kindergartner, is there anything better than having your best friends in class with you???  At the beginning of the year we would ask him daily how his day was, did he have fun playing with his friends and so on.  I think around October he mentioned that his two best friends liked this one girl in class.  We were shocked.  When Matthew was in kindergarten there was NEVER a mention of girls, let alone even an acknowledgement that they even existed.  But here comes Ryan, three months in and already he is coming home telling us about his friends and who they like.

For the next couple of months, we would hear random things about little Ms. Kamryn.  A snippet here, a funny story there, and more and more Ryan seemed to be bringing her up when talking about school.  So, one night we are sitting in the car and this conversation takes place:

Ryan:  Mom, you know Kamryn? 

Me:  Yeah, I know Kamryn.  She is the girl that Kaden, Drew, and you like.  Right?

Dead silence...

Ryan: (almost whispering)  I didn't know I was going to love her.

Me:  Just kind of snuck up on you, didn't it?

Ryan:  Yeah.

And so it began.  The Kamryn obsession.  She became the nightly talking point of most of our "How was your day at school?" conversations.  It should have not have been a surprise when a birthday invitation came home for him to attend her birthday (the entire class was invited).  Shopping for her was an experience.  He walked each aisle in Target, searching for the perfect gift, often rolling his eyes at my suggestions.  He finally settled on some bracelet making kit or craft thing.  Whatever, I don't care.  What I loved the most was the card.  When he was all done writing out what he wanted to put, he asked me to draw a heart on a separate sheet of paper so he can see how they are made.  Here is the card and the heart he put on her card.  The bottom picture is them at the party.  And no....he isn't standing on anything, she is just that tiny and darling.

Seriously....could she be any cuter???

Well, that was in December, and we are still in love with Kamryn.  On Tuesday he came home from school with an extra kick in his step.  I asked him how school was that day and he just started smiling.  I said, "Why are you smiling?  Did something happen?"  He smiled and said, "Well, Vincent was not listening to Mrs. Schatz and so she moved him out of our group.  And when she moved him out of our group, guess who she put next to me?"  I (thinking--I have one guess) said, "Hmmmm, Kamryn?"  Smiling he said, "Yes!!  How did you guess???"  I started to laugh and then I got serious and said, "Ryan, is that a good idea?  If you sit next to Kamryn, are you still going to be able to listen to Mrs. Schatz and pay attention?"  Without batting an eye, he said, "Yes, I always do!"  And then I said...jokingly..."Maybe I should talk to Mrs. Schatz.  Maybe she should move you so that you won't be wanting to talk to Kamryn all the time."  He got dead serious and very nervous said, "No, you can't talk to her.  We are finally together!!!"

I turned around and walked away to laugh.  I couldn't take it.  "We are finally together."

So the next day I set out to find Mrs. Schatz.  I almost texted her that night and told her because I knew she would get a kick out of it because her and I have had many discussions about Ryan and Kamryn this year.  When I walked into her room the next morning and started to repeat the story from the night before she started laughing and cut me off and said...."Heather---I had to move him.  I changed his desk immediately after he went home yesterday.  When I moved him to begin with, I didn't pay attention to who I was putting him next to.  After they came in from lunch and I saw who he was sitting next to, I thought---that's a mistake.  Then for the next forty-five minutes, I had to ask him to turn back and pay attention to me because all he was doing was staring at her." 

Again...laughing so hard I can't breathe.

So, who knows how long the Kamryn obsession will last.  I have one boy who could care less about girls and wants nothing to do with them.  And the other boy seems to be the Hugh Hefner of the kindergarten class.  Go figure.


  1. Hahaha sooo darn CUTE!!! Well, I will say... Ryan has great taste, she's a cutey...

  2. You better not let Ryan ever see this you know as I do what will happen.