Thursday, May 16, 2013

Broken Bone--Numero Uno

On Saturday the girls and I were at our annual Spa Day at Wine and Roses for a pre-Mother's Day treat.  This just might be my favorite day of the year.  Well, its a toss up between this and the last day of a school year.  We had just finished getting into our robes, settling in to our spots to talk before our services start...and my phone rings, its Rich's cell.  I look at it and think...why is he calling me?  He never calls me.  This is weird.

I answer the phone and the first thing I hear is Ryan screaming crying in the background.

H:  (whispering because we are in the tranquillity room) Hey.  What's up?

R:  Uh yeah, Ryan fell at the park and basically broke his wrist.

H:  (dead silence for about a minute)  Okay, what happened? 

R:  He fell off a swing and landed on it and it is basically dangling there.

H:  Okay, what do you need me to do?  Want me to meet you there?

R:  Have you had your massage yet? 

H:  No, not yet. 

R:  Then stay, and call me after. 

As I hung up the phone to go and get Ryan's insurance card to leave at the front desk, the massage therapist was coming in to get me.  She was overly gracious and waited for me to run and leave it at the front desk for Sharon.

So, go ahead and ask me what the best way is to blow a $100.  Get a massage right after you hear your son broke his arm.  I don't remember a single thing that took place during that next hour.  I want a do-over!

I had told the lady what had happened and told her that I wanted to leave my phone on vibrate, just in case I needed to take a call and she was totally understanding about the entire situation.  So for the next hour I proceeded to run every possible horrible scenario through my brain, which made my blood pressure elevate and then decrease rapidly.  It was the worst feeling of helplessness I have ever had.

When I got out...after the longest hour in history...I called Sharon to come and get me and take me to the hospital.  I just needed to be there.  I never once doubted that Rich could handle the situation, but as I told the girls...I'm the mom, this is what we do.  And by the time I had gotten there they were basically done and ready to go. 

Here is the face that greeted me in the emergency room.  Doesn't he look traumatized???
Later on at Nana Sharon's house.

See this face.  This is his..."So wait.  I am the first one in our family to have a cast and a broken arm?  Matthew hasn't had one?  Mason and Mikayla haven't had one?  I am the first????  COOL!!!"

No Ryan...not "cool".

I took him to the doctor on Tuesday and he does not need a cast.  Apparently he is fine without one and will just have to wear his brace for the next three weeks.  I asked the doctor what happens after three weeks?  Shouldn't he wear it for longer?  (It seems like a short recovery)  He said, "No, he should be fine.  Well, is he active?"  Dead silence...  I looked at him and said, "Well, he is six and a boy, so you tell me!"  He was not impressed with my response.  However, then again, I was not impressed with his question.
So yeah...we are on Arm Watch 2013 at our house.  Because I have friends at work that see him all day, I get little tidbits about how he is doing and what he is doing.  Like using his brace as the bat in a baseball game didn't go over well with me.  Wanting to use it as a blocker playing a hockey goalie didn't fly as well.  He is a piece of work.
And yes....have I mentioned how fun baths will be for the next three weeks????
And for those of you keeping score (maybe that's just Rich and I),
Emergency Room Visits: Ryan--2, Matthew--0

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  1. Oh no... kinda sounds like mom was more traumatized than Ryan... I'm glad he's "okay" sorry about your spa day!