Saturday, October 26, 2013

Friday Night Lights

Last Friday night Ryan and his flag football teammates joined their coaches...who happen to be varsity footballs players...for their homecoming game.  Listen, fun things happen when your best friend's dad is the head coach of a football team and wants to include his son in all things fun.  Ryan is certainly enjoying the perks!  Anyway, Ryan and his teammates were announced with the varsity players as they took the field for homecoming the other night.  It was pretty awesome.  He was super excited and thrilled to be out under the lights and on that huge field.

In between all those big boys are some little boys holding their coaches hands.  Again, they were ecstatic! 

Ryan and his coach.  (center)
I have to say, the funniest part of the introduction had nothing to do with Ryan.  Matthew, who almost didn't come because he wanted a "quiet night at home", was sucked in right away.  As the players took the field, and they crowd went wild and music starting playing he turned to me and said, "I want to play high school football."  I replied laughing..."I'm sure you do!"  The boy loves him a loud crowd and adoring fans.  We have known this about him for quite some time.  I'll remind you quickly about the conversation we had with him several years ago after one of his games where he went 2 for 9 in the three point range.  After the game Rich and I said, "Stop taking all outside shots.  If you aren't hitting them, you need to move in and attack the basket.  Why are you only shooting outside?"  His response was simple, "But that's how you get the crowd into the game."  He was six. 

The next day we headed to the Sharks game.  Super excited to head out to see the Sharks play and hang out with our good friends Brent and Sharon.  This is the third game we have gone to and I hope it is the third of a hundred. 

I'm only going to add these next two pictures for one purpose.  There isn't a striped blue polo Ralph Lauren has released that Brent doesn't own and he apparently saves them for Sharks games.  I know wearing one on Saturday night was a joke intended for me, but let's be honest, the fact he has enough of these shirts to carry on the joke is the real issue.  I feel a RL Spring Collection intervention coming on.


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