Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Making of a Minion

I have fully accepted the fact that Matthew is done with me making his costumes.  We had a good run with the Waste Management truck, the M & M, the Angry Bird and so on...  The homemade costume thing just isn't a 10 year old thing anymore.  Tear, tear, sniffle, sniffle...I will get over it because I am a big girl.  Besides...I have three more good years with Ryan to get my fix! :)

When Ryan said he wanted to be a Minion this year, I hesitated for a split second before I said yes.  In the past there have been immediate vetoes on some of their costume ideas, but for some reason I said, "Sure, I can do that!"  And off to Pintrest I went.

***Side note---Pintrest for teachers is like crack cocaine.  We can't get enough.  My class turned in a Solar System mobile project today that turned out, amazing!!  I know for a fact (because some parents were gracious enough to pass this on) that I was not a popular teacher over the last week when the kids were working on them at home.  Any major standard in some type of art form is at your fingertips on that website.  Someone terminate my account now for the safety of my students.

The making of a Minion...

That is a playground ball, taped to a cardboard box, with plastic wrap on the top so that the paper mache did not stick to the ball.

The paper mache.  I will tell you, it was very tricky getting the ball out of the tube after it dried.  Not well thought out by me.

The first coat of paint. 

We got too eager and the top caved in.  Luckily I could push it back out and it stayed.

I went through many an eye for this to work.  I finally settled on tin foil for the goggles.

Arm cut outs on the side.  The mouth is screen and paper with black lines or teeth.  That's what he sees out of when walking.

Hair!!!  A hot glue-gun may be one of the greatest inventions of our time...

Finished!  Denim material for the overalls look. 

With all this done....I just need it to last a couple of hours.  And then it can fall apart!

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