Sunday, November 3, 2013

This is Halloween! This is Halloween!

Happy Halloween...or as I like to call it, the holiday we have to get past to get to the good stuff.  Bring on Thanksgiving and Christmas.  I am trying not to walk out into the garage and get out the Christmas decorations and put some lights up outside.  Hobby Lobby is literally calling my name because I have this huge new piece of furniture in the my living room that is begging for some garland, lights, and new decorations.

All in good time.  Here is the Halloween wrap up!

Matthew in his borrowed morph suit.  I have no idea what this is, the only request we put out was that he needed to include shorts.   

The minion and the morph.

I only needed this thing to last three hours and it did.  Success!  Ryan did a great job all night and was quite a hit with people walking by. 
Here is Ryan with a group of girls who were also minions!  I happen to know all of these girls and one of them is actually a former student.  Ryan was in heaven!!  To be surrounded by these girls made his night!  

Matt found a fellow trick-or-treater who was decked out in Green Bay stuff!

Nana Bobbie dressed as Fiona.  The boys LOVED her dressing up.

And the last one of the night.  I came home and was trying to sneak in my house when I heard MRS. MARINI, MRS. MARINI!!!!!  I stopped and looked around and saw this group running toward me.  I had to take a picture!  The first two "Thing 1 and Thing 2" girls are my students from last year.  I miss them terribly!!! 

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