Thursday, November 7, 2013


We have a ten year old in the house.  It's easier to say than to believe.  I will tell you what frightens me the most...the next time ten years goes by, he will be a man and probably away at college.  That is a suffocating thought.  In fact, in my highly emotional state right now, I could burst into tears just thinking about it.  And what makes it worse, the next ten years he's going to do everything he can to spend as much time away from us as possible because that's just what teenagers do.  It's a right of passage, one we have all gone through, but it's my first time on this other side and I'll be kind of sucks. 
Top Ten Things You May Not Know About Matthew Marini
10. When he was young, he was obsessed with garbage trucks and recycling.
9. He learned his place value to the millions at the age of four thanks to a game show titled "Deal or No Deal".
8. He has memory like an elephant. There is nothing he doesn't remember and he can be ridiculously frustrating to parent sometimes because of this.
7. He loves the Green Bay Packers. Loves them so much that his dream is to go to college in Wisconsin, play football there, and then be "moved" to the Packers once he graduates.
6. He is still so ridiculous cute because he thinks #7 above is actually possible.
5. He is a fierce debater. At times when we argue, I want to hit a pause button and tell him to make sure he signs up for the debate team in high school because he would be fantastic at it.
4. He still loves stuffed animals.
3. He still kisses us goodnight and says the same thing we have been saying since he was two.
"Goodnight. See you in the....morning!"
2. He loves his friends and family. They are his world. Everything seems to revolve around a core group of people in his life and they are his lifeline.
1. He is the best ten year old we know. Who knew when we ordered him up, that we would hit the jackpot. He is a very special young man and we could not be more proud of who he has become.
Happy 10th Birthday Matthew!!
We Love You,
Mom and Dad
And on this monumental first double digit birthday, I thought I would share a few pictures of the first ten years.


Ten Year Birthday pics. (Thanks Aunt Stacy)


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