Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The HOTTEST, I mean Happiest Place on Earth!

People who live in Southern California are crazy.  I could never live there, I will never live there.  I am not a fan of saying "never", but I am 100% sure that I will NEVER live in Southern California.  Here's why...

Last weekend we headed down to Disneyland--AGAIN--(that's for you FK) for Matt's birthday.  We had originally planned to meet friends down there and have another Yee/Marini family vacation, but unfortunately due to sad circumstances, they could not join us.  Since it was Matthew's 10th birthday we went anyway and what better way to kick off our holiday season than to be surrounded by wonderful Christmas decorations at our favorite place, right???

People who live in Southern California are crazy.  Because it was the first week on November and the temperature was 82 degrees.  82 DEGREES!!!!!!!!!!  WHAT?!?!?!?!?!  Who can celebrate with Christmas decorations up and Christmas carols being pumped through every speaker throughout the park while having sweat drip down your back????  This isn't normal!!!  My family at one point just tuned me out because I just couldn't let it go.  And I shouldn't.  There is nothing right about a group of Castmembers, dressed like they just walked out of a Norman Rockwell painting set in Maine on Christmas Eve, singing Christmas carols while their make-up is slowly running down their face.  The only time if felt "Christmasy" was at night when it got into the mid 60's and we had to (gasp) put on a sweatshirt.  And because I am in such a giving mood, I will give them a chance to redeem themselves (I'm talking to you Southern California) in January when we go back with my sister.  If I am not wearing pants and a long sleeve shirt the entire time I am there...there will be a repeat performance on this blog and it will get uglier.

Now, on to the birthday celebration!

Nothing like posing next to a "frosty" car in short sleeves. 

His birthday--he called the first ride.  Solo on California Screaming because neither Rich or I can stomach the ride.

A good big brother riding with his needy little brother.+

LOVE this kid! 

Dad had to have a pic with him too.

Christmas time in Radiator Springs!

"I promise, I won't fall asleep.  Swear I won't!" (says the only family member who did not nap)

Yep...five minutes later.

Ryan likes the setting on my phone where he can take his own picture.  Anyone else see where this is headed???

Reindeer games with this guy!  We were the ONLY ones back there, so he played with the boys for a while.

 Taking his love for his team a little too far...

Matt got to pick a special place for his birthday dinner.  He decided on the Big Thunder Rance BBQ.

Loved drinking out of his "mason" jar.

Live entertainment.  Can we discuss his suit and boots???  Ouch.

So dinner is all you can eat BBQ.  Matthew may have insulted the entire cooking crew when he said out loud... "Wow, this is even better than Kentucky Fried Chicken!"  Needless to say that Matt and Rich ENJOYED dinner to their fullest. 
Last night there.  Fireworks followed by it snowing on Main Street.  I bought in to the Christmas spirit for about 20 minutes that night and it felt amazing!

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!!!

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