Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas 2013

Christmas 2013 is in the books!  At least I think it is, hope it is.  I feel like we celebrated for days and as many parents know....this is an exhausting holiday.  You have got to be on your game and your mind has to be sharp at all times.  So, yeah...I am little glad we are done and everything went well.  
Shout out to the Utley Family!!!  I had both Tucker and Riley last year and they are two of the sweetest boys ever!  Their dad Jeff puts this up every year and I tell them it has become one of my favorite parts of Christmas in our neighborhood.  Peace everyone!

The one night a year they don't complain about the "fancy clothes".  Christmas Eve Mass is their fancy night apparently.

Ryan in his true self.  After Mass at Nana and Papa's.

 In bed, watching Polar Express, every Christmas's a tradition people.  One that Matthew reminds me of every year and I love that he looks forward to it.

Worst idea of the night....letting him take his tablet to bed so he could track Santa throughout the evening.  Every 10 minutes we got an update, whether we wanted one or not.

Matthew hard at work making Santa a ring from his loom kit he got for Christmas. 

Okay--this note kills me.  "A little something for someone special.  P.S.  Sorry we had no reindeer food."  See the ring?  He is going to hate us one day.....

Christmas morning stockings.

No lie...his favorite gift of the morning.  'A boy needs a robe, Mom!'

Last gift of the morning from the big guy.

What a hot mess. 

Wondering where the "other boys" presents are.  We are not those people.

 Best Christmas gift ever....Noelle and Family home for Christmas!!!!!! 

All the kids (Ginger included) with Papa Jeff.

Nana and the kids!

Not ready for this to go away...Merry Christmas to all.

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