Sunday, December 22, 2013

Hamster Wheel

December to me is a blur.  I feel like a hamster on a wheel, running around and going nowhere.  On Thursday last week, I am ashamed to say that I left work and came home to an empty house and did eight loads of laundry for eight hours straight.  I finished at 10:15pm.  Are you asking how it is possible for a family to have eight loads or laundry???  It is and I am not proud.  And crazy enough, it didn't bother me because it was the first time I had been home, and awake, for longer that three hours and I loved the quiet, absent minded chore that it was.

And on to the craziness.

So...this happened. 

I was honored earlier this month at Hutchin's Street Square for being the Lodi New Sentinel's Elementary Classroom Hero.  I was very honored. These six (seven actually, one is missing) below were from last year's class and wrote in about me.  I absolutely LOVED my class last year and so when I learned of what they had done, I had them in for breakfast.  I love these kids and I was so lucky to be their teacher for a year.

Matt playing guitar in his Christmas performance.   This was the first Christmas program at our school in several years and it was darling.

 You teach him two cords on a guitar and he thinks he should be playing Central Park.

And now on to Christmas Number 1, better known as MARINI PAOOLZA

We headed to Dell'Osso Farms to go sledding.  We did this a couple of years ago and decided to head back because it is so fun with a lot to do in a small place.

Matthew sledding.

Here is Mason, Mikayla, Auntie Stacy and Ryan.

Uncle Mike and Mason in the middle.

Uncle Mike and Auntie Stacy.

Mason and Mikayla.

Matthew getting strapped in to go zip lining.

 The three big kids heading up to zip line.  Ryan missed the weight requirement by five pounds.  He is going to want to do this next year.



He could have done this all day.
And because he has to be able to have some fun too, Ryan rode the bucking pumpkin.

Later that opening.  You know times have changed with the lack of presents under the tree indicate how old they are.  It used to be absolute craziness with the floor carpeted with wrapping paper and kids screaming and toys every year.  Now they like gift cards and non-toy things.  I felt bad they didn't have things to "open". 

You love the new pajamas? Aren't they darling!! Stacy had them made for each of the kids.  It is a tradition that they look forward to every year.

What a fun weekend!!  Round 1 is over, we are going to rest up before the second round starts!

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