Saturday, May 17, 2014

LAST Weekend Happenings

So many things, so little time....

So this happened last week....
I know this borderlines on rude, and I acknowledge that I am his mother and should love him regardless of anything...and I do, but a missing front tooth is never the look anyone should strive for.  And to make matters worse, it seems as if the other tooth is now a little longer and protruding more forward and he  There I said it.  It's off my chest and I feel better. 
And while we are having courageous conversations...I have one I'd like to get off my chest.  This is for all of those parents out there who make a call to the Tooth Fairy and "pay her" 20 to 30 times the amount that should be paid for a tooth.  This makes the rest of us look bad.  And cheap.  When Ryan came home the other day and said that his dollar was NOTHING compared to the twenty and thirty dollars other kids said the Tooth Fairy left them, I was literally at a loss for words because in his mind...How is the same Tooth Fairy giving other kids so much and he has a buck under his pillow???  I tried telling him that the Tooth Fairy probably gave the kids a dollar or two, and the parents gave them the rest.  He was NOT buying this at all!!!  So, if you live in the Parkwest--Evergreen side of town, the Tooth Fairy is apparently VERY CHEAP in that area and you have been warned.
Saturday was my annual day before Mother's Day spa day.  That's all.  Just pure bliss in Heatherland.
And Saturday afternoon, the other Marini Family came to town to celebrate Papa Rich's birthday and Mother's Day.  These next pictures are the best.  These were given to us on Saturday night.  The plates are Rich and Mike's when they were 8 and 5, I believe.  And on the right, were all the plates all the cousins made.
So, from left the first row is Mike's, then Mason and Mikayla's.  Middle row is Rich, and the last two rows are Matt and Ryan's.
 The top two basketballs are Matt's.

And these two are Ryan's. (I LOVE the Thunder Mountain plate)

On Mother's Day we spent the morning with the Marini's and then came back here to rest and have no plans at all.  I downloaded a new book, read about 50 pages of it and then napped for three hours.  Yep.  Three hours.  I would like to say I am terribly embarrassed by that, but I am not. 
So, what do you do when you know a bed time is nowhere in your near future?  You spend six hours at the kitchen table working on your class video.
This is the ninth video I have made and it is a labor of love.  From start to finish, I would say I have logged about sixteen hours putting it together.  And that all started last Thursday night.  On Monday night I sat at the table until 11:20pm waiting every nine minutes for the DVD to pop out and for me to stick another one in until all thirty-two were made.  I was exhausted Tuesday morning, but when Tuesday afternoon came and I played it for them and they screamed and sang at the top of their lungs and told me I picked the perfect music for every part of the reminds me why I do it and it is worth it every year to see their faces.
And finally, this week was Open House.  Which is the most exhausting week of the year.  It's like a dog and pony show at our school and getting everything ready is a nightmare.  Matthew had two fun events this week.  He had his tasting tea for the state he did his state report on and he had his biography performance.
Mr. Paul Revere.

Matt's class set up in the cafeteria and were "on display" for people to come and push "their button" for them to perform.  Each kid was dressed as the person they chose for their biography and had to memorize a speech that they had to say over and over at the request of whoever wanted to hear them.
The entire thing was amazing and the kids did such an amazing job.
Here are a couple of my other students.  LOVE THEM!!!!
(Left to right)  Noelly was Ann Sullivan(who was Helen Keller's caretaker) and signed the first part of her speech.   Then Katie, who was Babe Ruth.  Savannah was Annie Oakley.  And the cute astronaut is Tabitha, who was Neil Armstrong.

Ryan was Wayne Gretzky...the Oilers years.

Lauryn as Amelia Earhart.

And Victor as Elvis.  By far the crowd favorite because there was a routine and everything to his speech.

Two more weeks of school.  Counting the days....

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  1. Awwww I wish I could have come to see Tanner as Harry Houdini... The kids look so CUTE! We must have the same Tooth Fairy, she's only ever left our boys $1.00 which I made sure to let them know she is paying more for teeth these days, when I was a child I got a quarter...