Monday, September 29, 2014

Sports and School catch up!

So, catching up on the happenings in Casa de Marini.  We are still knee deep in sports.  Just to catch you up, we have two kids and currently they are participating on three different teams.   To say I am looking forward to having my Saturdays back is an understatement.  I miss our weekend trips to Tahoe or Carmel or outlet malls.  They are nonexistent at the moment and I will welcome them back with a vengeance soon.  And right when I get all giddy and excited, basketball season starts and the cycle starts again. 
Biggest soccer field ever!  It's hard to watch the amount of acreage that needs to be covered during the length of the  game.  Matt is a fullback, so he is pleased that his area is a limited space.  However, playing at night under the lights is fun to watch!

And it was Take Your Teacher To The Game Night!  Or, he just begged her to come watch.  She is an actual soccer player and it was necessary to explain to her that going into this game with any expectations was just setting herself up for disappointment.  Matt's team...they are such sweet boys...stinks.  Like, they are on game number 8, and they have scored 1 goal.  Just one.  And when that ONE GOAL was scored, our cheering section basically exploded as if we were in Brazil at the World Cup.  The kid who scored kicked it from the "30" yard line and it wasn't actually a shot, it was just a shot to move the ball up the field and he got lucky it lined up with the goal and went over the goalie's head.  That's the only goal so far.  Last week we scored our second.  Again, crowd went insanely wild, to only have it taken away due to off-sides.  So now any time we get anywhere near the "40" yard line, we all just start yelling SHOOT THE BALL!!!!!!!!!  We have had about five shots on goal all year.  Painful.  Just painful to watch sometimes.

Mrs. Leach and Matt. 

Ryan's flag football team.  Go Bengals!!  (He's the one with the bright yellow shoes off to the right)

Ryan was so pleased last Saturday because he was able to play goalie.  He loves playing goalie!  But, he loves winning more.  One of the first games of the season his team was down like 0-3 and they put him in at goalie when he came into the game.  He lasted about five minutes before he called the coach over and said..."Get me out of here."  He then proceeded to score three goals, tying up the game before the end.  Last Saturday, when his team had a good lead, he headed back to the goal and loved every bit of it. 

End of the first quarter awards!  Ryan got a Lifeskill Award for Responsibility.   He was so proud, as were we.  And again, hope these character traits make an appearance at home sometime soon!

Matt's award for High Honors. 

I absolutely adore this group of kids! They run up to me daily and throw themselves at me for a hug.  I have known most of them since their first day of kindergarten and what will I do when they aren't on campus anymore next year?!?!?

And listen....we (meaning you and I) are going to begin a campaign for a new camera.  Are you feeling like this pictures should be MUCH CLOSER so you can actually tell what is happening???  I am doing the best I can people!  My only tool right now is my phone.  And clearly it's not cutting it anymore.  So, I have started the campaign.  And you know this takes time, people.  There's research.  There's comparison from fifteen different websites.  There's purchase anxiety because he believes the minute he hits the "Buy" button, it will be found on some other website for 7% cheaper, which is the equivalent of the internet cheating on him.  All of this takes time, people.  I have thrown the gauntlet and challenged him to a Christmas purchase.  I even included my birthday in that as well to make it sound more appealing to him, "one gift for two occasions".  I am actually doing him a favor, right?  So, join me.  Explain that the quality of pictures that have appeared on this blog have decreased to an embarrassing degree and unless you have a magnifying glass next to the screen, you are just guessing at what our kids look like now.  And they're you are missing out.

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