Wednesday, September 3, 2014


Road Trip Sunday!!!

On Sunday, my besties and I headed back to our old stomping ground...Chico, California.  Now, we didn't go to school together, in fact we were all there at separate times, but the one thing we had in common was our food and drink places.  So on our little trip down memory lane, we decided to do a food and drink crawl to commemorate one of the best times of our life.  We had planned this trip around going to the BMU (bookstore) to get shirts for college day at school because every Tuesday we have to wear college wear at school, so we used that as an excuse to go.  Say it with trip.

What started out being a "business trip", soon turned into "Heather needs to forget about the email she read from a parent on Friday night" trip.   It was ugly.  U-G-L-Y.  I guess that's the plus side of contacting your child's teacher over email is not having to rant and make accusations to their face.   You can simply do all of that from the comfort of your home and not deal with the implications of your words.  Sooooo, with that being said...Sunday's agenda changed for me in a good way...toasting the day away with friends who will tell me off to my face if they needed to.

Matthew said to me before I left..."You going to that Chico University?"  He's ten.  He's cute.  He'll learn the university/state school logistics later.  But I quickly corrected him and explained the correct pronunciation of the college.  He wanted pictures of a college campus that wasn't UOP and I was happy to oblige.

Our first order of business was lunch.  Back when I was living dollar to dollar, dinner out was a splurge!!!  And this was the place I usually saved my money for.  Madison Bear Garden.  AKA...The Bear.  The chef salad used to be $5.95, which hello...was five times the cost of top ramen, making this the equivalent of steak to me.  On Sunday I paid $9.99.  My first thought was...who can afford this???  And then I proceeded to watch the four girls in front of my pay by Visa or American Express.  I felt so old.

Heaven in a bowl.

Business trip complete.  Now truth....I am a teacher on a teacher salary, so I waited until we went to Wal-mart and got two shirts for the price of one.  This just confirms I have been living with my husband for way too long.   

And the apartment.  University Village.  I so wanted to run up the stairs and knock on the door and ask to look around, but then I would have been one of those people and so I got back in the car, settling for a stalker picture. 

Food stop number 2.  Jon and Bon's.  Quite possibly the best frozen yogurt ever.

A drive through Kelly's old apartment complex.  The funniest part of the day was driving through town listening to Kelly and Lynn name all the different places they have lived.  I believe we learned that Lynn lived in SIX different places in TWO years.  Really, I have never laughed so hard turning on all these random streets and someone saying I lived down here on the corner.

Gone are the days where random volleyball games are started with shirtless boys running around.  That's all.  Just that little observation.

On to the good stuff.  Operation: What Email?

Best. Bar. In. Chico.

Confession time....we spent the most time here.  We had no place to be and it was happy hour.  When you can get a "tea" for $3.00, you sit down and stay a while.  And let me say that I don't condone drinking in the middle of the day...ever.  I believe there are twelve step programs that target that exact problem.  However, I made an exception.  A big one.

Toasting time.


See that drink right there in front?  The rootbeer tea?  That one had a name attached to it. 

Remember that time we drank during the day and forgot we were middle-aged women with children?
And finally...dinner.  Hula's.  Was not leaving town without coming here.

I miss this place and wish we had one close by!
What a fabulous day.  Much needed break time and these ladies know how to make me laugh, period!  Perfect day.

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