Friday, November 28, 2014

Cabela's or Bust!

Last year at Christmas we got a weekend get-away from Richard and Sharon at the Peppermill in Reno.  They must have been thinking of their grandson Matthew because there was no way we could have gone to Reno, passing by Cabela's and not take him.  Cabela's is a hunting, fishing, camping, and everything else outdoors place to know, the store that SCREAMS "Marini Family shop here!"  For his birthday he had received many gift cards for this place and they were burning a hole in his camo pocket! 

Cool fish tank!!  Just let us drop our poles in already!

After SEVERAL hours at Cabela's, we headed to our hotel.  As I have said before, our boys love them a hotel room.  It seems like they want to spend more time there than the actual place we came to visit.  When we walked into the hotel/casino, Matt's eyes lit up like a slot machine.  Just like his father.  Very quietly I heard him mumble, "Oh my gosh, I love it here."  He is his father's son.  Put bright shiny lights and the promise of making money in front of them and they are gone.  

Two boys who could not get over the hotel room.

They were both OBSESSED with the bathroom that had a tv in it, so if you were in the bath, you could watch tv.  Or, if you were in the shower (that had two shower heads), you could watch tv. 

Within the first seven minutes of us entering the hotel room, both of them had stripped off their clothes and Ryan took a shower and Matt got in the bath.  The tv was playing at full volume and they were giggling the entire time!

Matthew appreciated having his own tv in the bathroom so that he could watch Finding Bigfoot in peace and quiet.

The next day we headed to Scheels, which is a store in Reno that has basically everything one would need in life.  It's huge and we were there for over two hours.  And yes, there is a ferris wheel in the center of the store.

Matthew cashed in on his other passion...all things Green Bay Packers.  This picture is now hanging in his room...thank goodness his family made the list.

This was my happy place for the weekend.  The three story spa at the Peppermill.  Three stories!!!!  I'll take a massage, followed by a dimly lit room and comfy relaxation chairs any day of the week.  I could have stayed here all night, but then remembered my family was there and we had a dinner date. 

His first buffet.  "Adult buffet", that is.  He couldn't get over the fact that he could keep going back and trying new things and if he didn't like something, he didn't have to eat it!

One more trip back to Cabela's before we leave town. 

On to other updates...

And....LOOK WHAT NANA DID!!!!!!!

She put in a pool.  Can you believe it?!?!?!  We cannot wait to use this next summer!!  And when it was finally finished, the weather officially took a turn for the cold and no one (other than an unfortunate incident with Natalie) has tested it out yet.

And we'll remember this as the day my niece and nephew walked into my house and they were taller than me.  I almost cried.  True story. 

Love this girl.

Annual trip to Vegas!!!  Our husbands were there...but that's not important.  Slot machine buddies.

Town Square is my favorite place in Vegas.  I am sure you remember this picture from last year.

I was trying to do a little shopping for my friend Sharon.  Her husband would have been DONE Christmas shopping and in debt to me forever.  All I needed was his credit card number.  Her happiness is not on me anymore as I never heard from him....

Semi-switching gears...I put up the Christmas lights outside the day before Thanksgiving. 

Made a dessert for my favorite nephew.

And it's scary this is the only picture I have of Thanksgiving.  (This will make sense in a few weeks)

Oh wait....this is the other picture.  This is Ryan five minutes in the car after leaving Auntie Stacy's and Uncle Mike's.  He is done!

And to Aunt Marlene....I am going to promise to be better at updating this more!  :)

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