Saturday, November 8, 2014

Halloween/ Birthday---and whatever else I can catch up on.

Minecraft Halloween.  When Ryan asked to be Steve from Minecraft, I thought...I could do this.  And then as the days were getting closer and I had nothing, I started to panic.  Luckily I remembered that members of our family own a sporting good store with an abundant supply of boxes.  Fifteen minutes later "Steve" was created.  Ryan was not a fan of all the pieces that compiled Steve, so as the evening went on, he lost his arms and body.
Matt on the other hand was a piece of box and I was done.  He was an Enderman.  I have no idea what that is either, but it looked like the picture and so he was happy.
Luckily the rain stopped just in time for us to go out and snag some candy.

Ryan's in there....promise.

Always fun to run into your besties.  I mean bro's.

And because my sister is now staying with my mom for a little while (squeal), she was able to come out and join us for a couple of houses!

 And when your brother's leave Halloween candy around, someone has to eat it.  So he did.  And this is what he looked like for the next two days in between throwing up.

And the birthday boy.  He is eleven now and knows everything.  That's normal, right?  

There is a theme to this years gifts...Packers and camo.  And let's discuss that.  Not the Packer thing...the camo thing.  He is obsessed.  Not one ounce of this comes from my DNA or his father's.  Clearly.

 Coolest cake ever! 

And after pacing back and forth outside of the laundry room while his new sheets were being washed, the new bedding was finally ready.  Camo bedding.  CAMO BEDDING!!!!!!  WHY?!?!?!?!!?

Bypassing a typical birthday "party", all Matt wanted to do was take his friends fishing.  So we left bright and early this morning, stopped at a bait shop, and headed to the Delta. 

Luke with the first fish of the day!  And largest.  Thank goodness it was not a keeper. 


Yes, there is Nana in there!  She is the professional here.  As she is the only one who takes them fishing.  I thought I was coming along today to drive and pay for lunch, but I soon realized that drivers need to cut bait too.  And then, THEN....when they started catching fish after fish (a total of 20 caught for the day), I soon became the hook take-er-out-er.  I have touched parts of fish that I never want to touch again.  However, I believe I earned some street cred today because all, but one, of the kids were former students and they were impressed with my ability to take a pair of pliers to a helpless little fish. 

His happy place.  On a pier, with a pole in his hand, fishing his Saturday morning away!

Tomorrow we are going to Reno for the weekend.  He has some Cabela's gift cards burning a hole in his wallet.  I told him there is a limit to how much camo he can buy....I have my limits people and we are right there at the line I have drawn in the sand. 

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