Thursday, May 28, 2015

Sixth Grade Promotion

There has to be perks for working at the school where your son is promoting on from, right?  And I am all about abusing a privilege if possible.  This morning I delivered a coffee for our custodian Barb because she had roped off seats for our family and Lynn's family, in the front row of all the action. I had absolutely no problem taking the heat from all of our friends when we walked up and sat down in the front row.  Perks people.  Use them.  However, I can't say Matthew was pleased with our seat assignments.  As he walked out, he was like....YOU ARE IN THE FRONT ROW??  
Yep, we are those kind of people, get used to it.  

I have to say I have been quite emotional this last month.  Just the thought of him not being on campus anymore is like someone coming and ripping a security blanket out from under him.  I am super thankful that at his new school he will have one of my good friends as a teacher and she can keep her eyes on him and report back to me.  I told him he can run, but he can't hide.

He unfortunately looks like he is now ready for middle school.  Somehow he looks older here and it is not appreciated.

Here he is walking in...right when he realized where are seats are.  I also need to confess that I held it together right up until the flag salute (which happened approximately two minutes after they walked out), and then I started crying,  Like teetering on the ugly cry, but I was able to hold on to the lump that kept creeping up my throat. 

One of four athletic awards handed out.

Promotion certificate.

This was also that moment when I kind of lost it, again.  Out of 90 kids, only ten of them received the Presidential Award.  It is an award that celebrates excellence in academics and citizenship for intermediate grades.  This kid has worked so hard since the first day of kindergarten and we could not be more proud of him.  I don't want to speak for Rich, but I can 100% guarantee that I was never this dedicated as a student.  Whatever had to get done, got done at the last possible moment.  He has been the most responsible kid from day one.  We have never had to tell him to do his homework, or work on a project, or plan out a timeline for big reports.  He always just does it without our nagging and never complains.  

Proud boy! 

The boy with his Nana Sharon and Nana Bobbie.

Family pic.

The boy and Papa.

Ms. Leach.  Pretty epic sixth grade teacher! He adores her.

The kids who have been friends since birth.


I just feel this could be a future prom picture....and I would LOVE IT!!!!

The moms and the kids.  These ladies are amazing! 

Such a special day!  

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