Monday, July 27, 2015

July at a glance....

Ugh....It's that time again.  Back to school.  These two months have flown by.  In the past it seems like we have had weeks where I have begged for school to start because the kids were bored, but not this time.  This is the breakdown of our summer....

June-- Two week class for me; Father's Day; Trip to San Antonio; Tennis camp.
July--Fireworks in Fresno; 20 year reunion; Fishing trip with boys; Vegas; Basketball camp.

All of a sudden, I blinked and we are back to school.

Fishing Trip to Half Moon Bay--

This was a fun trip.  Originally we had planned to take the boys deep sea fishing, but after gathering more information we decided it would probably be best if we waited until they were a little older to go and spend eight hours on a boat in the open seas.  The great thing about the boys is that they can fish anywhere and bee happy.  We had been crab fishing in HMB before, and they loved it, so we thought it would be a great plan to go back and go crabbing and fishing there again.

After we learned that Mason couldn't join us, we quickly tried to divert the sadness with a friend invite.  Luke loves to fish too, so we were so happy he could come.

Lunch before heading out to the pier.

That's the pier we fished from.  This was our hotel room.  It was walking distance and a perfect location.

Truth be told, the boys had just as much fun in the hotel room as they fishing.  Why is that?  My kids love a hotel room.

We had to bring Luke to our favorite restaurant.

Up and fishing early.  Don't let those fools in shorts fool you.  It was freezing.  I was dresses in all of my warm clothes as well as wrapped in towels I found in my moms car.

No keepers.

Fishing is exhausting.

My 20 year reunion.  Talk about a fun night.  Too fun.  Too. Much. Fun.  I had a blast.  I loved seeing friends that I haven't seen since high school. And I was most thrilled that my best friend from high school came back from Chicago (with a little coaxing) because that night would not have been the same without her.


We had a little liquid courage pre-party at Melissa's.  We looked at old pictures, laughed so hard that drinks came out of our noses, and talked about all of the stupid stuff we did that we would kill our own children if they ever thought about doing it.

Jenny and Melissa---my college roommates.

Emilie and Jen--Emilie also a college roommate.

After a few drinks.  (Really, you can't tell???)

My date.  I made Rich go because he NEVER goes to anything.  I told him that people don't actually believe I am married because I always show up to things alone.  It was nice he made an appearance.

Ignore my droopy cocktail induced eyes, but this girl and I have been together since the first day of kindergarten.  I love and adore her.  And I hope Matthew marries her daughter.  That's all.

And this guy.  We had to take this to send to our former favorite teacher.  She was thrilled.  It was a good night.

Lastly, was our Disneyland/Vegas whirlwind trip.

So, flashback to 10 years ago when Rich and Steve slept overnight in California Adventure to be there when the doors opened for the 50th birthday of Disneyland.  Now, Cindy and I were there too, with Matthew, but we were smarter and slept in until 5:00am, before going over and getting in line.  With this being the 60th, there was no way that Rich and Steve were not going to be there.  Cindy and I decided to skip the festivities this year and not join them.  And truth be told, I couldn't have.  I need sleep.  And a lot of it.  Rich and Steve do not.  At all.  More power to them, but there was no way I was joining them.  I was simply the drop off and pick up girl.

We pulled into Anaheim at 12:15am, drove by the entrance of DL and the guys could already see there were people lining up, which put them into freak out mode.  So, we went and checked into our hotel and then I took them back and dropped them off at 1:00am.  From there, they were in the park until 10:30pm the following night.

Here they are with a few thousand of their closest freaks.

We had told the boys, especially Ryan who was devastated that Rich was going without him, that Rich would not be going on any rides.  That this was just a trip for him to be there and buy things that were associated with the 60th.  And at 8:15am, this was sent to me.  Ooooppppsss. Looks like they wasted no time getting on their first ride.

And this is Rich in line on the ride Ryan told him to ABSOLUTELY NOT GO ON.

They had a blast. Got into Club 33 and all.  I was totally and completely jealous.  I made up for it by going down to my sister's for the day and having breakfast with her, my cousin, and his girlfriend.  We picked Natalie up from school and we just hung out for the day.  That's totally the same as getting into Club 33.  Totally the same.

I mean look that face.

The next morning we headed to Vegas to meet our friends for our annual back to school shopping trip.  We had a blast.  We started off at all of our favorites, and ended the trip trying new places.  The best find was the Aria buffet.  I more enjoy a nice dinner than a buffet, but when a buffet offers unlimited cocktails for an extra fee, they become my new favorite buffet.  And the food was just okay, but again, we (Lynn and I) were not there for the food, we were there for the sangria.  All night long.

He was playing "Alice in Wonderland", you know "for the boys".

Game Face.  Don't mess with her and her penny slots.  Truth be told, we all hit a couple little jackpots this trip.  I actually won a little and brought it home.  That NEVER happens.  Ever.

And on our last night....Look who joined us!!!!  Our friend Sharon was in Vegas on business and we said that there is no way we can all be in Vegas at the same time without meeting up.  Luckily for us, she joined us for dinner and it was great to see her and hang out.  Dinner at Carmine's was great.

And then we are back and getting ready for school.  I had to take a picture of Matthew's closet.  This is Rich.  If you were to walk into our closet, Rich's side looks exactly like this.  A thousand shirts that he never wears.  I made Matt clean out 75% of it and said..."Didn't that feel good??"  Hint. Hint.

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