Wednesday, July 1, 2015

San Antonio Trip

I have often said that I would love to move to a different state and live there for a while.  California is WAY too expensive, and I think there are other parts of the United States that offer a great lifestyle at a much cheaper price.  Having said that, Texas is not the place.  And I think it is safe to say we can rule out any other high humidity areas.  Me and humidity do not get along.  We've tried to make it work, but we are not meant for each other.  It happens.  As jealous as I was to fly into a VERY green and luscious San Antonio (drought living has taken its toll on us), I soon felt it was a great place to visit and then leave.  Quickly.

The first night we arrived it was so late that nothing was open as far as restaurants around our hotel.  We took off down the River Walk and tried to find something, anything, and came up empty.  The only place open at midnight was Denny's.  Yep.  Denny's.  I feel SUPER sorry for my kids, because they LOVE Denny's, and I'll never eat in another Denny's again.  We were so desperate to eat, that it was kinda, barely kinda, worth it to eat at a table where I asked for napkins to lay down on the table so that when I wasn't using my fork, it had a cleaner place to rest.  No joke.  The entire restaurant was filthy and the first thing I did when we got back to the hotel was take a scalding hot shower to clean my entire body.  No bueno. 

Here is the River Walk at night, when it's midnight, and nothing is open. :(

Here is the view from our hotel.  You can see part of the River Walk and all the green beautiful trees. :)

The next day, we headed out for lunch.  Aaron, one of the other guys who is at the shows with us, said that he wanted to go and see The Alamo.  Little did we know it was two blocks away, so we took a walk through downtown to find it.

Cool old hotel.

The Alamo.  I turned to Aaron and said....I think this just became a work trip for me too. ;)

Lunch! Because a German restaurant in the middle of San Antonio makes perfect sense. 

And, On-The-Go Margaritas.  Nothing else to say.

The last day we were there, we sought out some Tex-Mex food.  Success.

My carnitas enchiladas.

Rich's BBQ brisket nachos.  Enough said.

We braved the weather on the last day.  It was hot and humid and gross.  But the walk along the River Walk was so cool, it was worth it to be out and see all the shops and restaurants.

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