Monday, September 15, 2008

Welcome to our blog

Friends of ours started a blog a couple of years ago and I love checking it out every now and then to see what is new with them and their girls. I get to see pictures and read about fun things going on with their family. So, this got me thinking...why not do the same? So here it goes....

Matthew is four years old (will be five in November) and just started kindergarten. He loves school and I am getting used to the fact that he is at my school now as an actual student...not just a helper on the weekend. I love sneaking around to see what he is up to while hoping not to get caught. He loves being in my classroom everyday after school, yet I seem to not get anything done because of him asking a thousand questions. As many of you know, I was worried about things that might come up at school....because Matthew tends to have these little special moments that only a mother could love and my fear was that the principal would not find them as charming and funny as I do. So far, the only mini-conference from his teacher to me was that he kissed a girl the second week of school. Not too bad...but a "mini-discussion" took place between he and I after as we discussed the hands-off/lips-off policy that Reese Elementary has. What can we say...we are all about the love here.

Ryan is now 20 months. He is talking more and definitely wanting to do things on his own. This includes getting his own drink (which he can't), buckling his seat belt (which takes forever), and brushing his own teeth (which really is not effective at all). The hardest thing we are dealing with Ryan right now is that he is starting to throw little tantrums and they are to die for cute. That still does not solve the problem, but we enjoy watching them and the dedication he puts in each tantrum. He is really into Mickey Mouse right now, which is a pretty much a prerequisite in our house, so for now he's a keeper!

I hope to keep you all updated from time to time with news and pictures.

Take care,

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  1. Great blog!! Looking forward to seeing more. It reminds me to update ours. I have facebook now...its a great way to connect with family and friends as well.