Monday, December 22, 2008

Textually Frustrated

I am textually frustrated. I can't help it. I am.

I am in a war with Rich right now to text. He has threatened...although I believe he has already done contact our cell phone provider and put a lock on all out-going and in-coming texts. He says it is ridiculous and there is no need for it, but I disagree. You see, everyday at 11:35am, my phone rings and I know it is him leaving me my daily message of what time to pick up Ryan from daycare and any other piece of news he needs me to know. Now, as I appreciate all of the information, they are often 2-3 minute voice mails and I'll be honest...I hang up after 30secs. I have kindly explained to him to get out all the good/important stuff in the first 30secs because after that I'm gone, I have checked out and I'm already looking for the button to delete. If he would just text me short little messages, all information will be viewed from my end and it will be taken care of. He is not convinced.

So, for all of you out there that have sent me texts, keep them coming. I enjoy the feisty conversations Rich and I have every month when the bill arrives and he comes unglued. Maybe then he will give in and pay the $9.95 a month for all of this nonsense to go away.

Happy Texting!

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