Monday, July 19, 2010

City Fun!!

This past weekend the Golden Girls headed to the city to escape the valley heat and celebrate some birthdays!  Kristin's is next weekend and Lynn's birthday was on Saturday and what better excuse do we need for a weekend away to shop, drink and eat without the hubbies and cubbies.  Please excuse the quality of the pictures...I only used my phone.  Let's go on a picture walk, shall we???  The music was our theme song for the weekend :)

The one and only time we let Kelly drive for the weekend.  Here's a fun tidbit....if you want to drive with Kelly, please know that she drives/changes lanes using only these little light indicators letting her know whether someone is in her blind spot or not.  Under no circumstances do I believe that was Volvo's intention when they put these in.  I think...and I'll go out on a limb here...that they were still thinking the driver would use their common sense and continue to use their side mirrors, rear view mirrors, and their EYES when switching lanes.  I'm just saying...

The Hotel we stayed at was right down the street from Union Square.  We took advantage of it's location and shopped around town for a couple of blocks.

Four girls and this bathroom was complicated at times....humorous at others.  I'll leave it at that.
Because the four of us gravitate to a Cheesecake Factory whenever there is one within a 20 mile radius, the top of the Macy's building was a perfect place for lunch.

I will say that I am proud of myself for trying something new.  I usually go with the same thing, but I ventured out and tried the Thai Chicken Pasta.  Kelly had the club...VERY ADVENTUROUS OF HER!  Kristin had the tuna and some type of wrap???  And finally, the birthday girl had....THE SAME EXACT THING SHE HAS EVERY SINGLE TIME....Cashew Chicken.

After a nice lunch we headed out to the shops.  And then because we could...we headed back to the hotel for some R & R.  That was the best part about the weekend....we had no plans.  If we wanted to go lay down and rest, we did.  Some of us rested harder than others...(and some of us were jealous of her).
Others of us drank.  And drank.  And drank.  Here's to the Blue Bomber.  Or the Blue Baller.  Or wait, was it the Blue Bombsicle???  I don't care or frankly remember.  It just seemed as if my glass was never empty.

After our rest we decided to head out and see some sights.  As any good tourist, we headed to Pier 39.  And because we were in the city...I decided to bring some fun shoes that I never wear in Lodi because I really don't think I could pull them off in a town where at any given time I can run into a student or their parents.  So, I have a selection of shoes that I call my "out of town shoes."  As much as I love my out of town shoes, that also means I have to be out of town to break them in.  And for these darlings, I needed an ice pack and aspirin by the end of the night. 

All of us with the birthday girl!

Beautiful day in the city.

We went to this place for dinner at the Pier.  It was an Italian restaurant and basically the only restaurant that didn't have a wait time.  Not the best meal we had.  Kelly and I shared calamari and then ordered a clam chowder bowl...again because we scream tourists.  However, they were out of bread bowls so we nicknamed them our ghetto chowder bowls.  Pretty much a bowl of soup with a basket of bread on the side.
And because it was her birthday, we let Lynn order whatever she wanted...however crazy it sounded.  Here is her side order of mushrooms and garlic bread.  Please note the size of her margarita.  An acceptable size for an alcoholic beverage.  My lemon drop came in a glass that was meant for Barbie's dream house.  I wanted to ask the waiter..."Where's it's mother?"
Enjoying the weather...laughing at the thought of it being well over a hundred in the valley.

Thanks to the ladies for a great weekend.  Happy Birthday to Lynn and Kristin!!!

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  1. All I have to say is teachers rock! I am glad you ladies got to enjoy before the mayhem begins... Summer went too quick...