Thursday, July 1, 2010

Party of One

It is 9:39pm on a Thursday night and I am all by myself.  Rich is in Fresno drinking Gatorade and water by the gallon while he works at a fireworks stand to make extra money.  He leaves for Vegas next weekend and I think it will come in handy.  Matt and Ryan are at my mom's because it is Thursday and that's where they always are on Thursday nights.  And I am all by myself.

What does one do all by them self?  Hmmm....funny you should ask.

1.  Go to bookstore and stock up on serial killer/ romantic suspense novels.  Get home, pour yourself and drink, get in bed and begin reading.  Halfway through first chapter remember you are home alone, hate it, then get up to set house alarm. 

2.  Put serial killer book down and grab cheesy romantic comedy book.

3.  Pour yourself another drink.

4.  Get bored with book and decide to round up all the laundry that needs to be done.  Separate it into piles and then walk away, telling yourself you will do it in the morning.

5.  Open the refrigerator and stare at all contents for several minutes and think about all the work that would go into the dinner for one.  You then decide to grab a bowl, the box of grape nuts, the carton of milk and call it dinner.

6. Talk to Lynn on the phone for an hour and ten minutes because her kids are in bed and her husband is out of town.

7.  Wander back to bed and go through Tivo list.  Catch up on all Bethanny Getting Married and Law and Order.  

8.  After the ending credits of last Law and Order, get up to check all locks and double check alarm is set.

9.  Get on the computer to blog about your night alone, with no children and husband, careful not to complain...but simply confirm that you do not like being by yourself.

10.  Cocktail numero tres.

11.  Head to bed.  Let's face it, three watered down Smirnoff Lemonade's will soon kick in, making it necessary to lay down and not be so mobile. 

12.  Flip coin between more Tivo or more reading.  While contemplating this, wait for Rich to call and remind him that you don't care to be by myself. 

Goodnight All. 

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