Monday, June 28, 2010

Chore Chart

At the beginning of summer vacation from school, I told Matt and Ryan that I was going to create a summer chore chart so they would have responsibility and a little incentive for putting the house back together at the end of each day.  Most days if someone were to drop by, my house looks like seven different games going on simultaneously and the madness needs to stop.

Well, in true Matthew form, on June 21st (the actual first day of summer) he came to me and said..."Hey, remember you were going to make Ryan and I summer chore charts?"  Rolling my eyes, I told him I briefly remember the conversation and then said..."So, you really want me to go through with that??"  Are you sensing my lack of follow through and responsibility?

I had this big idea in mind.  Go to the teacher store, buy the class grid charts, buy the packs of smiley stickers for each chore done, and fill in all the chores and color code them for each boy .  It was all in my all looked darling...all I had to do was actually go and do it.  OR....I could go on-line and Google "chore charts for kids" and print out the ones that Parents Magazine already made.  Presto!  Two boys charts, colored coded for age group done!

When I finished putting them up, and adding a few chores to each of the lists, I brought both boys in to show them.  I explained the sticker/check program and what they mean and more importantly what they are worth.  I won't bore you with the actual points system and what a sticker vs. a check is worth, because frankly I had a hard time talking Rich out of four different symbols with each of them having a designated point.  Bottom line at the end of the week if Matt has a hundred points he gets a dollar.  If Ryan has fifty points he gets a dollar. 

Let me tell you, Matthew was ALL OVER THIS!  I had told the boys that we were starting the charts on Sunday and they are each a week at a time.  He was so excited.  Sunday morning at 7:30 he comes in my room jumps on the bed and said, "Mom, I already made my bed and I am on my way to brush my I get two stickers?"  I opened my eyes a crack and said..."Knock yourself out.  And shut the door on your way out."  Two minutes later I hear the sink turn off and feet running down the hall, followed by Matthew explaining to Rich that he ALREADY HAD TWO STICKERS AND RYAN HAD NONE!!!  At that point I threw the covers over my head and tried to will myself back to sleep. 

Now...on to Ryan.  Let's talk about Ryan and his enthusiasm for the chore chart....better yet, or the lack thereof.  Now, I understand he is three.  I get that.  However, Ryan doesn't follow his brother's regiment of "if I do this, then I get this."  Ryan is merely waiting for people to do things for him.  He likes the stickers, but wants nothing to do with the actual chore.  If I tell him to go brush his teeth, he whines and says..."But it will take too long.  I don't feel like it."  When I try and sweeten the deal with a sticker, he still has to be walked down the hall and I count off the time he has to brush his teeth so I feel some, if not all of his teeth, have been touched by toothpaste and or a brush.  He could care less.  And that feeds right into Matthew taunting him with the number of stickers he has compared to Ryan.

I left some spots to add stuff for new chores that might pop never know what new chores will pop up in the Marini household!

And, did I's only day 2! Stay tuned.


  1. ...and at our house my children would say what's a chore??... true story. the end.

  2. Jenny...unfortunately I know that to be true because at the end of the year when we were doing debates, chores/allowances were one of our topics. When I asked for a show of hands of kids who did chores, I remember Jeffrey not raising his hand and I said, "Jeffrey Gilley!!! Is this ture???" he smiled and said "Yes" and I simply said..."Well then get busy!" Too funny!