Friday, June 11, 2010

Basketball Camp

Matthew has been at the Lodi High Basketball Camp all week. He is loving it. He loves that they encourage you to take a ball and shoot as many times as you want at any of the 10 hoops available. He loves that there are kids there from school he knows and it's like the longest recess ever! He loves that the "coaches" at the camp are high school players and they actually want to play with him and love teaching him new things. He just loves it. Period.

Yesterday he made it to the bottom four of the shoot out. They play this shooting game, that I won't even begin to explain, but they winner of each section then goes to the final group and then you have a chance to win prizes. The camp is broken into sections, his being the 2nd-4th grade section. There are a wide range of kids there and they are all different shapes and sizes. It was hysterical yesterday when he made it to the final group and here was Matthew up against these three other boys who were at least 10 inches taller. I started laughing and I thought...he's toast. And he was. He was eliminated first round. But what I loved was he didn't look like he was nervous or felt like he didn't have a chance. He got up, hit a couple of shots, then was out. Confidence is not something he lacks, which is good.

I took my camera the other night to take pictures, of course, and I figure I better do it now because next year he won't be so accepting of my picture taking. The older kids kept looking at me, and then their own moms, and it was like they were silently saying..."If you bring your camera and start taking pictures, I will disown you!" Luckily my boy is still oblivious to it and so until he utters those exact words to me, I will be continuing to do it.
 For old times sake...
Did you know dribbling the basketball with your tongue out actually makes you a better dribbler??? 

Practice.  Practice.  Practice
A friendly game of crocodiles.

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