Sunday, June 20, 2010

US Open 2010

This whole thing started last year.  We were sitting at Richard and Sharon's house, watching golf, when the announcers put up an advertisement about the 2010 US Open at Pebble Beach.  I looked at my father-in-law and said..."Can you say Marini Family Vacation???"  And so it began.  He wasted no time.  He entered us into the lottery and was successfully chosen...we are in!!!

Up at 6:30 on Wednesday, we had a practice round to get to.  With a quick trip to the condo to drop off our stuff...we were off!  I was so excited because I was able to bring my camera and get some shots. 

Matthew in his first cab ride!
We were super lucky that we followed the advice of one of Richard's friends to just call a cab because we were so close and we would be trying to locate shuttles to take us in.  Turned out taking a cab was one of the highlights of the trip for Matt.  After our first day of taking a cab there and back, he wanted to call a cab and take it EVERYWHERE!!!  Even walking distance to the beach!

I was able to get my cell phone past security, however I was not gutsy enough to bring it out in public, so I texted my sister in the port-a-pottys' throughout the day. Our day there was ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!! The weather could not have been better. It was perfect because we were able to walk around the course and get a good feel for most of the holes and plotting where we were going to be on Friday.

Walking into the Open.

Mastering the golf chair.
The boys scouting out the course.
Lunch break.

The view from the 8th.  When I may scatter my ashes here.  Breathtaking.

Tom Watson coming off of the 13th.  Matthew was lucky, he was only one of three that got an autograph.

Davis Love III on the 16th.
Signing Matthew's hat after the hole.
And what trip would be complete without SEVERAL trips to the garbage.
The 7th.

The 8th again.
Walking across the 6th.
Looking back on the 6th.
Looking up at the 6th.
The 14th.
Overlooking the Carmel Bay at the 8th.
Here is a small shot of the 5th.  This is the hole we spent most of Friday at.
At the 5th.
Next Year's Open.  (In 2012 it is in San Francisco)
At the Pavilion.
The Merchandise Village.  We did a fair amount of damage there.
Leaving on Wednesday....

We woke up nice and early on Friday.  Got our cab and headed back to Pebble.  The weather was not anywhere near as nice as it was on Wednesday.  In fact it was freezing.  I really can't remember a time when I have been as cold as I was on that day.  We were on the 5th, which overlooks the water, and the wind was brutal.  Matthew was a VERY good sport.  I, of course, thought I was going to freeze to death and all I kept thinking about was defrosting my body when we got back to the condo.  Sharon and I entertained the idea of buying a blanket ($45) for the day...but I really don't think it would have helped us that much.  I told Rich and Sharon at one point that if I wasn't having so much fun, I would be back at the condo.  It wasn't worth it to leave.  This is once in a lifetime and being cold would end at the end of the day.
Despite the was a fabulous day.  The 5th is a hole that is really set off by itself and it has a pretty small grandstand compared to the rest of the holes.  We were spoiled to have great seats and sit back and watch all the groups come through.   

Quick side note--whenever we take the kids to Disneyland or ANY other place other than our house, they ALWAYS say at the end of the trip that their favorite thing was the hotel room.  Rich often says we should wake up at the normal time we leave for Disneyland (which is 3:30am), and just drive to Cherokee Lodi... and stay at a Motel 6 and they would be just as happy.

Well, just because we are in Pebble Beach, for the US Open, nothing beats a hotel for my boy.  So when we asked him multiple times what his favorite part was...his answer was always the same....the hotel.  You see there was this murphy bed AND a spa.  Tough competition for a Major golf tournament and priceless views of the finest California coastlines!!!

A HUGE thanks to Richard and Sharon for a fabulous five days.  The condo was perfect, the company was fabulous, and the memories at the Open were priceless. 

Thank you!  Love, Heather and Matthew

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