Monday, June 14, 2010

Take me out to the city...I mean ball game.

Saturday we got in the car and headed into the city for a ball game.  I like saying "headed into the city" because it kind of sounds like we are close and it is really only a toll bridge away, but clearly from Lodi it is a hour and a half drive that is almost the length of the Toy Story Two movie that played the entire drive over.  I had told Rich a couple of months back that I wanted to go the a Giants game in the city, at night, and take the boys.  He told me that was nice and I know him well enough to know that meant no.  Well the baseball Gods must have heard me and ignored his lack of enthusiasm because someone had tickets for a night game, in the city, and both boys could come. 

Here's the deal.  I hate summer.  I hate being hot.  I hate being sweaty.  Dirty.  Sticky.  All the adjectives you can think of that describe miserable summer....I am those.  Hate it!!!  Maybe if I had a pool, I would think differently, but I don't have a pool so the summer months are my enemy.  So you could imagine when the weather on Saturday in Lodi was close to 94, I was almost giddy with the idea of spending the night in the cool, our temperature usually drops in the evening, city of San Francisco.

As we pass the Bay Bridge, the temp in our car for the outside reads 88 degrees.  It was 6:00pm.  WTF????  It was hot!!!!  And the Marini Family was NOT DRESSED for 88 degree temperature!!!!!  We had on pants, short sleeve shirts, with long sleeve shirts and jackets packed in a bag.  IT WAS 88 DEGREES!!!  What happened to my cool, escape from the valley heat evening?????

Well, despite the weather....we had a great time. I also would like to personally thank whoever decided on the one weekend a year that we chose to go to a Giants game that they would have a carnival in the parking lot adjacent to our parking area.  Trying to explain to two boys that people who go to the Giants game can't "get in" to the carnival because it is only for people not going to the game.  Ryan cried the entire walk from our seat back to the car pointing at the bright colorful lights. 

We had great seats!!!

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