Saturday, July 10, 2010

Just me and the boys

Daddy is off in Las Vegas for the weekend enjoying the company of great friends and eating at fabulous restaurants.  He sends me pictures of each meal they have.  I tell him, "Wow!  That looks amazing....the boys and I had Taco Bell for dinner.  Who's jealous now????"  I may be a little bitter about his fine dining and slot play, but I am taking off to the city next weekend with the ladies and so I will eat well, drink well, and rest well then.

I thought I would share a funny thing that happened a couple of minutes ago.  Matthew came up to me and with the most serious look on his face said, "Are you able to make cookies?"  I said, "Am I able?  Yes.  Why would you think that I am not capable of making cookies?"  He looked at me for a minute, shrugged his shoulders and said..."Because you never make them.  Dad always makes them and I didn't know if you knew how."

So I sit for a second and look at him, careful not to squash his interpretation of his father's baking skills...which apparently is the likes of The Cake Boss.  I simply say, "Yes.  I might be able to figure out how he does it.  If I get stuck on something, then maybe we can call him and he can walk us through how to do it."  Without missing a beat, Matthew replies..."Okay, but I get to tell him it was my idea for you to try and see if you can make them."

I head to the kitchen to familiarize myself with the cabinets, cupboards, drawers, etc...  I like to be comfortable in my surroundings before I tackle the unknown.  With two sets of eager eyes on me, I set out to accomplish what only Rich has mastered.  First, preheat the over to 350.  Then, I walk over to the refrigerator, take out the package of Toll House Break and Bake Cookies and set them on the counter.  I open the drawer, grab the scissors and prepare to remover the slab of pre-cut unbaked cookies from it's packaging.  With the cookie sheet ready, I start to break the cookies apart and separate them out...careful not to get them too close together.  Set the timer for 9 minutes and we...are...done.

Breaking and Baking.....

Not bad....Daddy's are always half raw, half cooked.  Mine...cooked to the time said on the package.

I think they liked them.  They were gone within the first 15 seconds of me giving them each one. 
Daddy's got a little competition coming his way.

After all is done I asked Matt if he was impressed with my ability to step into the kitchen and make the cookies without having to interrupt Rich for his guidance.  He said, "Yeah.  These aren't bad.  Dad's are just usually softer and these are more on the crunchy side."  I wanted to simply say...Because your dad only partly cooks them!!  But I thought better of it.  I think we will use this as an opportunity to let Daddy show us all the other many talents he has in the kitchen. 

When I called Rich to tell him this...he laughed out loud.

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