Saturday, August 21, 2010

Are you ready for some football?

Soak it up!  Take a look and get it out of your system!  Enjoy it while you can!  Because this will be the only football my boys play...the flag kind.  There will be no shoulder pads, helmets or rib protectors.  The only tackles that will be happening are the ones that occur on my living room floor.  I am not a fan of putting my son in a game where the only job of the opponent is to level my son so another kid can carry a ball for a few yards.  Not going to happen.  So enjoy...this will be the extent of their football career.

Our first game was this morning.  And after having two practices a week for the last month we thought we were prepared for our first game.  We were way wrong!  We were so wrong that practices next week will probably be WAY different than the last month.  When it was clear that the other team had a defensive coach and an offensive coach...and we had one guy, the game turned ugly fast.  The up side to this situation is that we will only get better.  And we can gage how well we are doing each week because we play the same team....each Saturday...for nine more weeks.  That's right...the same team for ten weeks straight.  So our goal is to show up with game between now and the last match.

The highlight of the game for us was that Matthew did score the only touchdown his team had.  He was playing quarterback and successfully took the ball the length of the field in a very "Vince Young--I'll Do It Myself Move." 
The touchdown run sequence.

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  1. Hey Matthew, I saw your picture in the Lodi News Sentinel! Way to go. Have a great season. Uncle Greg