Thursday, August 12, 2010

Seriously...this is our new life.

Our old life...BT...Before Teddy, went something like this.  Wake up, get ready, leave just enough time to grab a bite to eat before we rushed out the door to work/school.  We'd come home in the afternoon, have a snack, do homework, play for a little while or watch some tv, take showers and off to bed.  Bam! That was our day.  Those no longer exist.

Our day now consists of waking a little earlier because if we don't we won't have time to play with you know who before work.  We rush home in the afternoon because the thought that we left him yelping and crying for us breaks our hearts.  There are no afternoon snacks.  We go straight to the floor and play until dinner.  After dinner we play more and try to get him exhausted for the night.  We love it.  He is addictive. 

Some of the things he loves....
1.  Being carried.  Which is easy to do because he is lovable and weighed in at a hefty 2.9 pounds the other day.
2.  Following everyone.  And if he loses sight of you, you'll know it immediately because a panic bark comes out.
3.  Rich.  Like crazy loves him.  I am not going to call Rich out again on the blog he "never" reads...but if you spent as much time with Teddy as Rich has....on purpose at certain times of the day/night because the thought of Teddy being upset kills you...Teddy would worship you too.
4.  His bed.  His pillow.  His blanket. 
5.  His toys.  Especially the one Shelly (aka Mrs. Schatz) brought him the other night.  He loves his rope.
6.  Standing outside the shower when the boys are in it.  He barks like crazy because he can't get to them.
7.  The other doggy in the dishwasher reflection.  He's there, I promise.
8.  Running like crazy through the house....bonking his head on things when he can't control stopping himself.
9.  Cuddling on anyone.  Likes to be in laps instead of by them.
10.  And finally....he likes to pee and poop wherever he pleases.  People keep telling me he is just a baby, and that is the only reason we let him get away with it.  Well, that and his cute face.

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  1. What a SWEET baby, if I may offer potty training advice... Our puppy had a hard time paper training UNTIL we bought her a DOGGY LITTER box... true story, you can purchase them at Discount Pets and even cheaper at Walmart... I also had no luck with actual newspaper but, when I bought the puppy pads and box we hardly had any oopsies...