Saturday, February 5, 2011

Seven Years, Two Months, and Twenty-Nine Days!

That's how long he's been waiting.  It seemed like everyone around him was already in the club and he just hadn't gotten his invite yet.  It didn't make sense and it was downright not fair!  Until this morning....

As I told you, this started WEEKS ago.  The first sign that maybe, just maybe there might be a hint of a loosening in the tooth department was back on January 7th.  Question after question..."When will come out? How long will it take?  Will it hurt?"  and nothing ever came of it.  Truth be told...I think he just was over the whole "it's not coming out" thing and took matters into his own hands this morning.

 As it was clear that at any moment the tooth would inevitably come out, I yelled..."Stop!!  Please wait for your Dad.  He'll be back soon."  A giddy laugh escaped him and he said, "Alright...but the minute he comes home I'm pulling it out."

I quickly snapped a before shot so we could remember him fully toothed.  Yeah, that's probably not a word...but I just made it one.

***Warning, may contain graphic content.

So, while he was waiting "patiently" for his Dad to come home, I was on the phone with my sister chatting about all good stuff and then I hear... " tooth came out!!!"  It was pretty clear that those extra fifteen minutes to wait were just too much to ask of him at this point.  All of a sudden, "we" have our very first lost tooth.

So much work and wait for such a little thing.

ONE HAPPY BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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