Friday, June 24, 2011

Summer Lovin'

Summer and I have a love-hate relationship.  I hate the Her weather, but LOVE Her freedom.

Being a teacher and having summers off is a gift that is only given to this profession.  I think people who work normals hours and have a few weeks on vacation a year really resent the fact that there comes a time where we get a two-three month break and then we head back to our jobs and start all over from scratch.  I would hate us too, if I wasn't me.  Summer is my favorite time to....

1.  Have the nerve to channel surf at 10:30pm, find a movie that I've seen thirty times before, and go ahead to stay up and watch it again.

2.  Wear summer dresses every single day.

3.  Ignore that the boys are walking around in their tighty-whitey's until someone shows up at the door.

4.  Keep my brand new favorite pre-mixed margarita drinky in the refrigerator for...I don't know, an after dinner cocktail???

5.  Read as many books as I possibly can.  I am up to 13 now and we are on vacation day # 26.  Not bad, but it could be worse.

6.  Get obsessed with new TV shows like The Voice and want to buy all the songs off  iTunes for new music for my car.

7.  Enjoy the boys sports because I'm on vacation and the threat of correcting papers or not having clothes washed is non-existent.

8.  Get in the car at 8:30pm and go for yogurt with the boys.  No bedtimes equal fun snacks.

9.  Work on my tan from the neck down.

10.  Enjoy waking up and watching the cartoons with the boys in bed because they want rights to my TV first thing in the morning.

11.  Having coffee when it is still hot.  This is a treat because during work my coffee gets cold every morning during math.

12.  Having play dates.  The kind with kids and the kind with just adults.

13.  Going on mini vacations.  I enjoy a weekend getaway.

14.   Not wearing make-up 4 out of the 7 days a week.

15.  Buying cute summer sandals.

16.  Having friends over for dinner and just catching up.

17.  Wait patiently for my sister to arrive back in town for a visit. 

We have big plans in July for fun trips and visits.  I can't wait to go on vacation and have my sister come, but at the same will be here before I know it and then BAM!  Back to school.  Back to the real world of work.  Well, until our fall break of course.

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