Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas 2011

Merry Christmas!  We totally jinxed ourselves this year.  As I was going around saying (bragging) that the last couple of years we have had to wake our kids up on Christmas morning because they had slept in, they totally got back at us this year.

Saturday night as I was tucking Boy 1 and Boy 2 in, I explained to them that if they HAPPENED (wink-wink) to wake before us, under no circumstances were they to go out into the living room.  They were to walk straight to our room and wake us up.  As they clarified this fifteen different ways, we finally got all the rules down and I was pretty confident that I was about to sleep in day two of my vacation.  At approximately 4:46am we hear Matt coming down the hall saying, " said we can't go out into the living room until you were up."  I rolled over, looked at the clock, wiped the sleep out of my eyes, looked again, and then reply, "No, no, NO!  There is no way we are getting up at a quarter to five....THE SUN ISN'T EVEN UP!!"  Just about then, Boy 2 walks in and says, "Don't worry...I'm going to the bathroom before I crawl in bed with you." Apparently we should take that as a small token of his love and affection and view it as his gift to us.  As we gave them strict instructions to again not go in the living room until we got up (because I was going back to sleep), they tossed and turned for the next ten minutes will themselves to go back to sleep.  Ryan finally fell asleep and Matt played Angry Birds laying on the floor until he too fell asleep. 8:16am, Matt woke us all up and yelled..."WE OVERSLEPT!" And it was off to the living room we went!

The countdown has been moved!!!  (Of course!  How else was Santa coming through the fireplace?)

Always first...stockings!  I find it funny that Rich and I have difference of opinions (I know, shocking!!) on what goes in the stocking and WHO the gifts are from.

We try and have them open same things at the same time because some are duplicates... but it really turns into the game of who opened it first and ruined it for the other guy!

You will have to ignore Ryan not in pants throughout the post...

Somebody FINALLY got his own Angry Bird toy!!!  He was so sure he wasn't supposed to have it, because every time he grabs one of the boys toys we chase him through the house trying to get it back, that he hid under the ottoman for quite a while just begging for us to chase him. 

When these Angry Birds are no longer a fad...Teddy will have an abundance of chew toys to choose from!

All you need to do is give us the go-ahead....we're waiting....

And they're off...

Oh no!!!  Rock Star Mickey???  The best ever!!!

 Matthew with his very own bowling alley to set up in his room.  How many days until there is a hole in the wall???

Ryan opening a gift from Auntie Noelle and Uncle Greg...a wallet with a picture of Natalie inside. :)

Really??  No one wants to chase me???  I've been playing with this thing forever and you all don't seem to care!  What gives??

This might go down as one of the dumbest purchases we have ever made.  It is a basketball hoop for the shower.  One of two things is going to happen...One, some one's going to end up in the emergency room.  Or two, Rich will get the water bill after the first month of it being in the shower and it will become "that gift we used to have."

Favorite shirts of the day. 

Yes, it says ball was as if the shirt was made with him in mind. 

The aftermath.

Matthew's first grade teacher, Shelly Schatz, had Matt come to her room for a couple of mornings to have him help her with a Christmas present she was working on for her class.  Lucky me...I got one as a gift from him.  I can tell you one is an actual piece of a tree trunk that he painted and decorated.  I will hang it in my classroom year round so I can enjoy it! 

This basketball hoop was purchased for the boys from us while we were at Costco one night..and they were with us!!  Now, we had seen in weeks before and Rich was SO SURE they would have plenty that he didn't buy it at the time (even though no kids were with us that night)!!!  So we (all four of us)  happened to be back at Costco when we saw one left.  I told Rich that he needed to buy it now, if front of them, because it was the one thing they mentioned over and over.  So this basketball hoop sat under the tree for a week with them staring at it just waiting!! was time to play!!   (Hopefully someone learned a valuable lesson from this)

And now, time for the jam session!

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

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