Friday, December 23, 2011

Ryan's Christmas Program

On Monday, Ryan had a short little Christmas program at his school. He was all excited to wear his fancy clothes and sing songs.  What I love is that he believes that all the songs that were in his program...originated at his school.  So, every time he heard Feliz Navidad on the radio he yelled out..."Hey!  That's my school's song!  That's the song we are singing at our show.  How come they get to play it?"  I tried to explain to him that his school was simply borrowing it like other schools have borrowed other Christmas songs, but he was having none of that!  Thieves!!!!

Here are a couple of pictures.  The lighting and focus are very poor because we were so far back and I didn't have my long lens.  I have my eye on a new camera that has automatic focus with a no flash setting that I want so badly and it would clear all this up.  Maybe I can talk Santa into it before our vacation this summer.  :)  And, true story...when we got home that night Ryan asked why we weren't sitting closer like the other families.  I told him...we showed up early and I went and had Matt save seats early!!  I promise we tried.  He seemed to think we could have done better.

Doesn't he look like an angel???

Oh wait....that's better.  There's the Ryan we know and love!!!!

The boys were patient enough for a quick picture after the concert.

The Feliz Navidad Boy!!  His favorite song, that he "knows be heart", and will correct you if you mis-pronounce any of the lyrics.  True story.

A quick family picture that seems like it is painful for Matt to stand through.

Well, today was our last day of school.  I have never ended a school session the day before Christmas Eve, so I feel I have a lot more time that just 36 hours to get ready. 


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