Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Express Christmas

We apparently are the Dunphy's.  Last Friday night we celebrated Christmas in about 7 minutes.  The kids opened cousin gifts and poof, we were done in the blink of an eye.  It was so short...I have no pictures of anything.  I only have pictures of later that night and the next morning.  This express Christmas stunk!  Just sayin'.

Saturday was kind of a hectic day.  It started with Mikayla having a soccer tournament up in Rio Linda and Matt having a basketball game here in Lodi.  Half of us stayed here and half of us left.  Mason stayed with us so he could hang out with Matt and Ryan, much to their delight, and we took off for Mikayla's game as soon as Matt's was over.

Mikayla's afternoon game turned out to be the highlight of the weekend.  It was a treat for Rich and I to see Mikayla play because we never get to see either her or Mason's games.  Mikayla had been pulled up to play this tournament for the Strikers.  I am certainly glad we picked this game to finally be able to see her play because she was awesome!  She is quick, smart, aggressive, and fierce!  She was all over the place and I can definitely see why they wanted her...needed her...she is an asset to this team.  Within fifteen minutes of us showing up she scored the first goal of the game.  All I remember is that I screamed so loud my voice cracked seven different ways, all while I am jumping up and down with tears in my eyes.  What was more exciting was really listening to all the other parents yelling and cheering her name.  It was goose bump central!  Even Stacy said she had tears in her eyes too because it was a huge confidence builder for her.  What a fantastic way to spend the day at the field!

 Look out for number 4!

Let's go!

I love this sequence....

These girls are good! 

Game face.

I'm not positive, but I think these next pictures were right before she scored the goal.  Like I said, I got excited, dropped the camera and started jumping up and down!!

Ladies...that's how it's done!

Coaches presenting game ball.

Happiness!  Pure happiness.

After the game Rich and I headed to get some shopping done and all the kids went back to Nana's.  We picked up all the boys for a sleepover that night because Mikayla had to be back in Sac early for another two games!  I had known we weren't getting up for the early game, and I was trying to talk the boys into going to the second one, but it didn't turn out.  And Ryan had practice as well, so I had to live with Stacy giving me update every couple of minutes.  Good news...they went 3-1-0 for the weekend and they are coming back for more games this weekend.

The only picture I have from Saturday night of the boys is really just this boy who hogged my foot massager all night and the next day.  It was so funny because I was walking to he kitchen and Mason said, "Auntie, where did you get this and how much did it cost?  I have to have one."  So cute! 

As much as this kid is getting older and becoming a young man too quickly for me....I loved that he was down on the floor playing angry bird stuffed animals for hours on Sunday in his pajamas.  It's little things like that make me want to hit the pause button...that,  and we now have a "when you are 10 you can use those words" word list.  Ryan can't wait!

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