Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Saturday Fun!!!

On Saturday, Matt had some of his friends (and some of Ryan's) come together for his birthday and play flag football.  This was all his idea and I am giving him all the credit because it was a huge success.  We had about twelve boys come and meet at the park for a friendly game of flag football.  When, let me tell you that these boys played for three hours straight...THEY PLAYED FOR THREE HOURS STRAIGHT!!!  The only time they took a break was to have cupcakes and open gifts, and I think we timed that at about eight minutes, and then they were off again to play.  It was the easiest birthday in the history of birthdays.  I merely fed them if they were hungry and kept them hydrated....everything else they worked out themselves.

The other great part about the boys that came was that they were mostly all brothers.  We have a lot of friends who have boys both Matt and Ryan's age and so they both came to play.  And boy, were they serious.  Jerseys on, cleats optional, and flags everywhere.  So much fun! 

I also loved that many of the dads came and stayed, even though I said, "Go, go enjoy your afternoon!!"  They wanted to be out and playing just as much as the kids!

And I have to include this picture....we went to our friends house, Brent and Sharon's, for dinner that night.  They have girls, we have boys, but somehow they still love hanging out together.  Here they are, late in the evening after some serious indoor four-square games, playing Mindcraft.  They could not have been happier.

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