Friday, March 7, 2014

He Needs a Go-To.

My husband has it soooooo easy.  Like, crazy easy.  There are two things in life that make me go to my happy place.  1.  A spa bathrobe, accompanied with a massage appointment.  2.  A Barnes and Noble gift card. 

Case in point...

I say he has it so easy because these two gifts will forever be his go-to for any holiday, birthday, random Tuesday....frankly, any day of the week, and for any reason necessary.  I, on the other hand, have no go-to for him.  I refuse to make a Jamba Juice card my go-to for him, but he seems to be happy with it.  He says he doesn't "need" anything.  But what do you get someone who never really wants anything???

Rich turned 44 earlier this week.  He is impossible to buy for.  Only because he doesn't "want" anything or "need" anything.  Those answers will never come out of my mouth.  I've always got suggestions.  Isn't that what birthdays are ask for things you wouldn't necessarily go out and buy yourself?  He is not helpful.  So, Tuesday night we went to one of his favorite restaurants and had dinner, and I bought him a ridiculously expensive card that Ryan picked out that sang and danced. 

Rich and our cook hit it off during his performance of dinner and when he found out it was Rich's birthday, he bought him this for dessert.

The closest I will ever come to eating a sushi roll.  Fried ice cream roll.

He wants his bike fixed for this summer to ride to work, so there is his big gift.  Don't be jealous as to the creativity that pours from my mind.  I offered to book a couples massage and read him one of my favorite books, but he declined with an epic eye roll.  Rude.  Apparently he needs to find his own happy place.

Speaking of happy place...

I have a new love.  His name is Ken Kirsten and he is Lynn's father.  Last weekend we went to her parents house for pre-dinner cocktails before a crab feed.  Earlier in the day he said, "Hey, you coming over for drinks tonight?"  (Duh)  Then he said, "What do you want?  Pomegranate martini or Key Lime Pie martini?"  I replied, "Yes."  Clearly he speaks Heather, because he made me both.

Key Lime Pie martini.  I have never had a slice of key lime pie, nor do I ever have the desire to taste key lime pie.  Having said drink I have ever had. 

This didn't suck either....

Lynn doesn't understand that I have adopted her father and he is now my favorite hostess.

And just because they are so stinking cute!  Bear looks like Snuffleupagus from Seasame Street, but he is still the biggest love you'll meet. 

And finally...

This kids was SUPER excited to finally see his favorite player Sidney Crosby the other night at the Sharks game.  Because he's cute, we let him still come with us dressed in Penguins attire from head to toe.  He has his Aunt Noelle and Uncle Greg thank for his jersey and hat.  Best Christmas gift ever.
Luckily, the Sharks one of the most exciting games we have ever been too.  He didn't take it too well, but that's okay.  He's still lucky he got to go considering he was not in our cheering section.

Oh yeah...and then there's this kid.

Trying to win a Play Station on the Dance Cam.  We didn't want to break his heart and tell him the cameras can't focus that far up in the cheap seats.

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