Friday, March 21, 2014

Spring Break

Last week as I was saying goodbye to my class, I turned to them and said...."Don't take this the wrong way, but we need this break from each other.  I love you all, but we need a break." 

And a recharge.  I have never been so happy to have an excuse to take all day to do laundry before.  And I hate laundry.  But Monday, when I stared at eight loads that would waste my entire day...there was a little flutter of happiness in my heart.  I didn't care.  I had a fully charged nook and hot coffee.  Life was good.

Side note--I recently went onto my Barnes and Noble account and went back the two years since I have bought my nook to add up how much money I have spent on this addictive little hobby.  I am not proud.  I am ashamed, embarrassed, and a little giddy.  I stopped when I was well into triple digits.  WELL INTO....  And, right now as I type, currently on a book hangover (that when you finish a book that is so good, you are tweaking to start one just as great, but don't want to ruin it because you chose quickly without necessary research), all I can think about is finishing this post so I can spend some time shopping genres for my next fix.

Spring break also is a time to catch up on TV.  I have several, several hours of TV that needed to be caught up on and this is a good time to clear some hours off the Tivo...but I have to wait and watch some shows when the boys go to bed because they can't watch them due to the violence.  I mean, let's be honest, I shouldn't be watching The Following either...but I can't stop.  It is insane goodeven though I am usually watching it with one hand covering most of my eyes and the other hand on the fast forward button on the remote while screaming and yelling, "This is the best show!"  And I am completely grateful to my sister Noelle who is still watching it so I have someone to debrief the crazy with.

However, my favorite TV time right now is spent with Ryan.  He is a serious Voice fan, as I am, and this is our Monday and Tuesday night thing.  We watched, we tell each other who we like, we make predictions of who gets let go, and then one of us ends the night with a serious Karaoke session in their room singing Imagine Dragons as if they were on stage.  I wish I had video of this, but as he has said time and again...he is not ready for an audience. 

Serious Voice judges.

Because summer is right around the corner, we decided to do a trial run other day letting the kids go down to the park by themselves and taking a walkie talkie with them so that we could be in constant communication.  I am not going to lie...this has promise.  Serious promise.  I could stand in our kitchen talk with them while they were down the street at the tennis courts.  When I asked them if this was something they wanted to try, they were thrilled.  After telling them that we would have to have constant check-ins, they were ready to try it out.  And boy, did they check-in, and in, and in, and then in again.  The did exactly as I asked, along with a scoring update of who was winning and who was "getting smoked."

My new best friend.

And speaking of kicking off summer...the puppies got a hair cut.  A summer cut if you will.  I will only share one picture because I think this one truly captures the broken heart of Bear who basically went into a state of depression after his cut.  In my defense, I told her to leave his hair at least an inch long.  And it is about a centimeter long all over except his head.  I'm not kidding...he stopped eating, wouldn't play, and basically quit speaking to us.  This picture is of him laying with his head on my stomach staring me down, contemplating forgiving me.  He hasn't made his mind up yet. 

And finally.  Nothing says vacation like March Madness.  I have been schooled two years in a row by Matthew and it seems like his reign is going to continue this year as well.  However, in my defense, I do love an upset.  There is nothing better than a small school coming in and knocking off a high seated team off the pedestal they had put themselves on.  (I'm talking to you Duke Blue Devils---I still have UNLV issues from the 90's)  I grew up watching this tournament and I love the little tradition I have started with the boys.  With this being Ryan's first year with his own bracket...he is obsessed and as competitive as Matt and I are.  Welcome to the game Ryan!


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