Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Tahoe Weekend

We will take any excuse we can to plan a weekend away.  Lucky for us, there were several reasons for our trip to Tahoe last weekend.....birthdays and spring break!  After a LONG 3rd quarter, I felt we could not drive out of town fast enough Friday night. 

Saturday was Anthony's birthday, so we headed to dinner. Party of 13.  Six adults and seven kids, and the look on the hostesses face was priceless.  He was a good sport to celebrate with all of us and after dinner we gave the guys a get of jail free card and they passed go and headed straight for the casino.

MGC.  And Stateline Brewery knows how to make sangria.  That's all. 

And this is what you look like after you have two...
 Okay, seriously...who tops this?

Vinnie was ALL about this firework.  So smart of the waitress to place this right in front of him...

Right after a successful dinner where no one cried and no one got into trouble. 

Someone didn't get the memo that this was a "cool" shot. 

Don't worry...I took that from my car. 

And because I NEVER get to play "doing hair" anymore, this was my glimpse into girl life.  I did both Kirsten and Leah's hair Saturday night.   

Sitting at the counter as the oldest kid. (by three days)

After dinner ice cream party.

Yeah....Pintrest fail.  So, the goal was to take chocolate chip cookie dough, wrap it around a muffin tin, and then make cookie ice cream bowls.  Nothing was salvageable.  We turned it into cookie crumble for the ice cream.

Sunday was Colson's birthday.  I wish I had a picture of him blowing out a candle on his cinnamon rolls, but I was still in bed sleeping.  And I almost feel guilty about that....

Here are the kids playing an animal monopoly game he got.  See that little one in the blue, she bought everything she landed on and took the game.  She is her father's daughter. 

Annnnnnnnd......this is what they looked like 15 minutes into the car ride home.  Fun weekend!


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