Thursday, January 1, 2015

Christmas 2014

Another Christmas in the books.  Grateful for happy and healthy kids who still wholeheartedly have the Christmas spirit.  This year Rich and I were a little more on the ball, which means it was less stressful and I think I enjoyed the entire season more. 

Side note...We now have a new camera.  (Yay!!!)  It was "my" birthday/Christmas gift, but because Rich successfully bought something I have no idea how to use, it's really "his".  I love it, however I will probably never be able to use it to it's fullest capability.  But, oh well, it's finally here and I haven't put it down in days, so I am a happy girl.

The night before, getting ready for Santa. 

And the stockings were hung from the chimney with care....

The night we had to say goodnight and goodbye to Olaf.  Until next year!

So this was a Christmas morning first for our family.  Does anyone notice it looks dark outside?  That's because it was.  This was the very first year that the kids woke us up for Christmas morning.  Ryan started at 5:30am, then every fifteen minutes came in and tried to get us to wake up.  I (luckily for him) slept through the first three times he came in to talk us into getting up.  Finally, at 6:30 we got up. 

What, oh what, did Santa bring????

Well, let's see....Oh yes, he brought devices to keep our kids busy so they don't kill each other.  It's almost like Santa lives in our house and knows that this was a MUCH needed gift.  I guess he is watching and listening always.

Can we just talk about how cute he is!  Seriously, his little face kills me.

And the reaction of the day.  Two years ago, Matt asked for Beats headphones.  We laughed at him and told him under no circumstance was a nine year old going to have headphones that are that expensive.  He was devastated, and relentless about them, as he is with everything in his life.  Every time we go into a store he would walk over to them and try them and look at me with a longing in his eyes. I would point and laugh at him (like a loving/caring mother would) and sing, "It's never going to happen...dream on!"  So when we knew that Santa had known they wanted new tablets this year, we agreed that maybe it was time that he shows us he is responsible with something so nice and expensive.  When Nana asked for ideas, the Beats came up as an option and the decision was made.

What the picture below lacks is his true reaction.  The sound of jubilation and disbelief came out of his mouth as he threw himself back on the ground.  When he covered his face and said, "I think I am going to cry," I turned to Rich and said...I feel good about saying yes to those finally.  I am pretty confident I would have the same reaction to diamonds...if Santa brings those, I will be happy to share my reaction as well. 

Christmas morning walk.  She just wants on his shoulders and for him to walk.  Unfortunately that makes her too tall and they are limited to the family room only.

Happiness is spending a consecutive Christmas with her!!! 

See!!!  Both of them sitting on the couch, nicely, not kicking or hitting each other.  Priceless.  Ryan with his new headphones, too!  And no, they aren't the same as Matt's...because that would have just been cruel. 

Fatheads from Papa!!!

I sometimes hope he loves me (us) as much as he loves Aaron Rogers.

Until next year!!!

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