Friday, January 23, 2015

January Catch-up!

So, I just figured out how to download the pictures off of our new camera to my tablet over Wifi and I am feeling pretty proud of myself and this is me patting myself on the back.  I have learned that Rich likes to take about four hundred more pictures than necessary, so now I just go through and select the ones I want and send them to my tablet to share here.  Again....this is me patting myself on the back.  Go Heather!!!!

I FINALLY have some basketball pictures to share. 

We (or me, specifically) are a work in progress, but I am enjoying my camera so much.

I would pay a lofty amount of money to erase three point lines if I could.  He loves to go and park himself behind them and shoot until his arms hurt.  The bad part is....he's getting better and more consistent, which only fuels him to shoot more of them. 

My point exactly.... 

He also probably doesn't appreciate when his mother, ever so lightly, yells from the stands...STEP INSIDE THE LINE AND DRIVE TO THE BASKET!!!

And his response, sort of fitting to me and my mouth, "Did you ever play basketball in high school? No, you didn't, so stop yelling at me."

I think it's cute that he thinks that will get me to sit silently....

And it also doesn't help when his coach tells him to "Go camp behind the line and shoot when you can".  You will only have to tell him that once and he will follow those instructions for life.

Ryan did not have a great first basketball game (it's too long to explain).  This is my only shot of him.  He is an amazing defender and I hate to say it...Defense wins games.  But again....who am I, I have never played the game before in my life. 

And, I thought I would share Ryan's new bedding.  It's so bright, I'm pretty sure the Hubble telescope picked it up from space.

Because Ryan's birthday is after the craziness of Christmas, it tends to be a, "Oh crap!  Ryan's birthday is here", kind of an event.  And the day before his actual birthday, it had dawned on us that we hadn't planned a single thing for him with regards to a party.  We did  the whole fishing day thing for Matt, and never thought of anything for Ryan.  Again...who planned this kids birth?!?!?!

So, to try and save face and win points with him, we threw out the ONE thing he would flip over...a sleepover!  And he was thrilled.  We took Tyler and Alex, his two best friends, to Chili's for dinner and it was like sitting and listening a Sports Center ticker all night.  They were so good and had such a great time.  Rich and I loved every second of it.

After dinner movie!!  They watched about half of the movie and then headed off to bed because they were "tired".  And by tired, that meant they stayed up like girls, giggling and laughing all night. 

Next month we head to Levi Stadium for the Winter Classic hockey game between the Sharks and Kings.  We all can't wait!!!  We are going with our good friends the Flemmer's and it is going to be amazing!  The other night we got a preview at the Sharks game with the Kings in town.


And this happened this week.  Yes, that is me, joining the likes of most eleven and twelve year olds at my school with a full set of braces.  These three ladies are my girls from last year and I love each of them as if they were my own. ( I am also hoping one of them is in a formal dress and wearing a corsage that my son gave her at some point in my life...but, that's just between you and me)  We have been getting together for a couple of weeks now to discuss the process and pain that I will be experiencing.  I have to say this...I am a MUCH bigger baby than I realized.  Please keep in mind that my son just went through a year of having them and did not make ONE SINGLE PEEP about them hurting or him being in pain.  The first couple of days that I had JUST the spacers in, not the actual braces, I thought I was going to cry.  Now that they are on, I fear my addiction to chap stick (that was pretty out of control before) is going to become an actual problem.  I tore my desk apart this morning because I couldn't find some and you know I am losing my mind when one of my students said I could borrow theirs and I actually paused thinking that if I cleaned it off enough...I just might be able to do it.  Luckily, I found some and dodged a bullet.  So yeah....brace faces unite!
Seriously....these girls....I love them!!!!!!

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