Friday, January 2, 2015

Pilgrimage to the sea

After the craziness of Christmas last week, we took our annual (second, really) December trip to the coast.  Girls' weekends are a necessity.  Friendship is the cheapest therapy out there, so let me say this again, it's a necessity.  When you surround yourself with people who let you spew from your gut and don't judge, they just listen...hold on to the them and don't let go.  Being able to share your crazy and know that other people have their own crazy, is comforting.  Don't ask me why, it just is.  It makes you feel somehow okay and that your crazy is manageable.  This is what we do to stay sane.  We wait a few months, let the crazy collect, and then put out the Bat sign and call everyone to order and plan a trip to release the crazy. 

We also disguised it as a "Heather's Belated Birthday Trip", all was good. 

Cocktails at check-in.

Dinner at El Fornaio in Carmel.  Ridiculous fun.  I enjoy when the four of us are laughing hysterically in a mildly quiet environment and people stare at us.  I would like to think they are envious and wish they were sitting and laughing with us, or perhaps they are hoping they aren't the subject at which we are laughing uncontrollably.

These two.  Responsible for making me laugh all the time, even if it's the most inappropriate of times, and more importantly at the necessary times. 

And my sister.  Whom I adore.  Happiness is when she says, "Good God I haven't laughed that hard in a long time."  That's what we are here for. 

And drink pics...because if we aren't having a cocktail with dinner, why bother going to dinner.
Bloody Mary Sisters.

And I have been super proud of myself lately because I haven't posted food pictures.  But, this was one of the best meals I have had, period!  AND I HAD TO SHARE!  I just had to.  Seafood Risotto.

Nothing like walking into a well lit apartment complex and snapping a picture.  Oops.

This chick is the most vile, most ridiculous, most obscene, most politically incorrect person I have ever met and I couldn't quit her if I tried.  Her one-liners are so crude and disgustingly funny that I am embarrassed I laugh as hard as I do and I am grateful nobody can really ever hear what she says or know that I am laughing at it. 

Gorgeous day.  The ocean just makes everything better.

Enjoy this series of pictures.  I wouldn't trust anyone walking by to give them my camera to take a picture of all four of us in it, so we all took turns.  (Side note---I was so afraid that stupid camera was either going to get damaged, forgotten somewhere, or stolen, so I didn't take it off the entire time we were there.  I looked like a frumpy tourist with this camera around her neck at all times.  But, if something would have happened to it, this would be the end of this blog because I would be in self-induced witness protection) 


And, if I haven't mentioned this before....I used to be a whale freak!  I mean FREAK.  At one point marine biology was going to be my focus in school, but since science and I don't really get along and play nicely together, I decided against it.  However, that freak does not go away.  When we had stopped to take pictures, a man told us there were several whales close by and you could see them come to the surface.

FREAKING OUT!!!   Look how close they were!!!!!!! 

Perfect way to end the trip.

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