Saturday, November 15, 2008


Yeah! It's basketball more ways than one. First of all I am happy that the NBA is back on because my boy has been missing it in a bad way. Also, Matthew started his basketball season and so every Saturday we pack up and head off to the game. This boy is proof that DNA is evident in the sports genes. Rich, from what I understand, was very good...but modest. Let's just say the DNA part stops there for Matt. We'll see how this holds up in the next few years, but modesty is not something Matthew practices. Which is completely fine because I think it encourages him and he is very proud of himself and it is building his self-esteem. (Boy, do I sound like a mom or what)

I have two favorite parts from this mornings game. The first is that Matthew did a fantastic job passing the ball. It is very hard for a five year old to give up the ball so someone else can have a shot and he did it consistently throughout the game. I loved it after the game when he said, "Mom did you see me pass a lot? And when I passed the ball, they passed it back to me!" Isn't that great...teamwork!

My second favorite part of the game came in the last few seconds of the last quarter. Matthew had the ball and we couldn't figure out why his wasn't shooting. Finally he put up the shot and the buzzer went off a second later. The kid had been watching the shot clock and wanted to hit it at the buzzer. Can you believe that? The shot didn't go in, but it was close. His coaches were laughing so hard and I couldn't wait to call Rich and tell him.

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