Monday, November 10, 2008


So this past Friday Matthew turned five. My good friend Lynn has a daughter who is three days younger than Matthew (we missed each other in the hospital by one day) and I told her that I didn't have a problem with him reaching this little milestone of "five", it was the fact that he is half way to the age of TEN. That is what I am having a problem with. If it goes by as fast as these past five years, he will be in the double digits in no time!!!

This weekend he celebrated with his cousins, Mason and Mikayla. They had a great time at this place called Boomers in Modesto (which Matthew kept referring to as Mexico). We took the kids miniature golfing, go-cart racing, and arcading. Next was dinner at the Elephant Bar and then a sleep over at our house.

Let me just say this...there was a reason why Rich and I had boys. SLEEPOVERS!! I think girls tend to have more sleepovers than boys. Matt, Mason and Mikayla were great. In fact, total time of them actually being here was just a few hours. It was the 45 minutes before bed and the 45 minutes in the morning that I held my breath that no would get hurt. Rich transformed our living room into a make-shift campsite with a tent and tee pee that were connected by tunnels. Needless to say the crawling, crashing, and screaming took a couple years off of our lives. The kids had a blast and that is all that matters.

Matt got a DS for his birthday and we haven't seen him since. He comes to the kitchen to eat, occasionally asks for water, and sleeps when needed. Last night Matt was on one couch with his DS and Ryan was on the other with Matt's old Leapster. It was silent for about 20 or so minutes and there was peace in the Marini Household.

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