Thursday, November 27, 2008


Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. We had a nice quiet day here. My mom came over and we split the menu for cooking responsibilities. For the five of us that were here, we could have fed a few more families. But the best part about Thanksgiving is the leftovers....right?

Rich and I had a relaxing time in Vegas. I did some retail therapy and despite what my husband did work wonders on the tension that had taken over my body. I spent the equivalent money on clothes that I would have at the spa paying for someone to ease the tension in 55 minutes or less.

I am going to share a funny story from the trip. I am only able to laugh about this now, days later. Let me just say for those of you who do not know Rich very well, he likes to get the best deal at ANY COST. Whatever deal he can work is like a little high for him. An adrenaline rush if you will. He loves to say he was able to get something for less or So, we fly in to Vegas and the plan is to get me on the bus to head out to the outlets. We walk over to MGM, we were staying at The Hotel which is part of Mandalay where near the MGM, and get in line to purchase a bus ticket. I have two coupons in my purse from him that he had printed out. One was $3 off a $15.00 ticket, or buy one get one free (to which I would have had to ask a complete stranger to share the cost). So I tell the guy that I have a $3 off coupon and I hand it to him and he rings me up a ticket. Rich says to him, "Any deals if your staying here at the hotel?" and the guys says, "Oh man, yes! It's free. But I already printed out the ticket." So Rich immediately says back to him, "Oh no, can't you cancel it?" Okay, at this point my heart starts to pound because we are not staying at the MGM and I know this guy is going to ask to see a room key or proof of our being a guest. Rich then turns to me and I say, "Um, I don't have my room key" (in the best I am going to kill you voice). To which Rich replies, "Oh really you don't have it? Just put our room number down on the piece of paper". So, Rich proceeds to make up a five digit number and I write it down on the paper. The guys say, "Enjoy your shopping day Mrs. Marini, your return time is at 6:00pm."

Let me tell you, as Rich was walking away from me to head back to his meeting, all I could think was they are going to find out what we did and they are going to leave me out in the middle of the desert...because that is where these outlets are located, in the middle of the desert! The guy did say it was a $132.00 cab ride back to the strip and all I kept thinking was I am totally going to have to cough up the money to take a cab back once they check the fact that there isn't a Mr. and Mrs. Marini staying at the hotel in room 12415, (yes, that was the exact room number he told me to write down) let alone in any room at the hotel.

So, now your understand my retail therapy and ALL the tension that was built up in my body on the bus ride there. When I handed Rich all of my credit card receipts, he kindly reminded me that we are in a recession and wanted to know what I was thinking? I simply told him I had to have enough clothes in case they refused to bring me back because my cheap husband risked $12.00 in a bus ticket that could have cost him $132.00 cab, not to mention a nights stay at the local motel. Please, you would think he knows me by now.

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