Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Bed Wetting 101

So, here is the deal. I hate it when Matt pees the bed. HATE IT!! Because it is something that could have been easily prevented by him following through with his bedtime chores of 1. Brushing his teeth 2. Go to the bathroom. I think I have muttered these words from a sound sleep at some point. The same chores have been in effect since boyfriend could skip the pull-ups.

This morning, as I was diligently hitting the snooze button on my alarm, Matt walks up to the bed wearing different pajamas. CLUE 1! Here is our dialogue:

Mom: Matt, did you wet the bed?
Matt: Well, I don't remember.
Mom: MATT! Did you wet the bed?
Matt: Sort of. I only did a little bit though.
Mom: How little is little bit?
Matt: Well, maybe it is like a medium size.

So we went to his room, and there is a wet spot the size of Lake Tahoe. It pretty much was the biggest spot that could be from a small child emptying out his entire bladder from the last 12-15 hours.

What did I do next? The most logical thing I could do. I made him strip the bed. I made him make piles of pillows and a pile for his comforter. I made him carry his sheets and dirty pajamas and under ware down to the laundry room. I made him put everything into the washer. I made him measure out the laundry soap. I made him turn the knob and choose the right cycle. Because if you remember from before when I said there is a blessing and a curse to showing Matthew how to do something once. The blessing is he remembers everything, the curse is he remembers everything. So, now the kid knows how to strip his own bed, carry it to the laundry room, choose the cycle, and add soap. This was the last time I will be changing his bed.

Today when we get home.....Bed Making 101. Should I start with the importance of a tight fitted sheet or simply move on to "hospital corners" with the top sheet?

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