Friday, April 17, 2009


OK, so I hate playing catch up....but I am totally behind and there are a couple of things I need to post about.

1. Easter---Easter was great. The boys spent the night at my mom's because Rich and I had friends over the night before and we were in no condition to care for small children as the night went on. Anyways, the next morning Rich and I went over to my mom's and the kids went hunting away for eggs in her backyard. As the boys ran around looking for eggs, I am almost positive they successfully woke anyone within a two block radius who was still asleep. Ryan was so cute this year. He was so excited to look for eggs and then crack them open to eat the white part only. I swear, it will be hysterical one day when we are having breakfast at a restaurant and my boys both order egg white only omelets. After our fun in the morning, my dad stopped by with some baskets and the kids had fun playing with their new cars. And for an early dinner, Rich and Sharon came by and we had another little egg hunt to cap off the day. Very fun!!!

2. Vegas---Trip one of ??? for the year. So, a couple of months ago Rich got a rewards offer in the mail from the Palazzo in Vegas. This is where we have stayed the last couple of times we have gone to Vegas and it is one of our favorites. So, the rewards offer was a few free nights and free slot play. The kicker to the free slot play was that we had to bring our tax return their to the casino and cash it, then depending on how much our return was worth, we got "x-amount" in free slot play.
Okay, those of you who know Rich....this is like the ultimate gift you can give him....FREE MONEY TO GAMBLE!!! I have another take on it. To me it is like taking a friend to an AA meeting, helping him through that "Hi my name is &%$# and I am an Alcoholic" and then taking him to a bar to celebrate after. The last thing Vegas should be doing is giving this man free money to gamble. Bless his heart, he couldn't help himself. I really think it consumed his every thought while we were there. However, he is very smart when it comes to making money, so understand this guy knew our running total of our winnings down to the penny. And yes....we were successful in bringing money back from Vegas for the first time in a long time.

3. On Easter, Richard and Sharon brought over a pool as part of Matthew and Ryan's Easter present. Today, the temperature hit something above 70 and that meant it was time to put on our suits and head out to play. Ryan loves the pool filling up with water, no so much getting in and playing. Matthew thinks it is an actual pool, so he was surprised time to time when he jumped in and it bottom six inches into his landing. This did not go over too well in the injury department.

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