Monday, November 8, 2010

Sweet 7th Heaven

On Sunday Matthew turned SEVEN!!!  Still has all of his teeth, but good news is he can start drinking soda I am predicting they will start falling out soon.

That's our deal.  He had to be five to chew gum.  The next goal was seven, and that means he can have soda.  Luckily the next three aren't for many more years to come.  18--Drive a car.  21--Casinos with Dad.  35--Tattoo/Body Piercing.  I threw the last one in there because he asked one day when he was in preschool when does he get to get his ears pierced because a little girl in his class had hers pierced.  I told him boys don't get their ears pierced, but men do and they have to be 35.  So, we'll see how long that sticks!

The "LIST"--A couple of weeks ago when we asked him what he wanted for his birthday, he was VERY specific.  He wanted (take a deep breath) Lime Green Vans, Pink Quicksilver shirt, Skinny Jeans, skateboard, and Wipeout Wii. 

I'm not going to lie...when he said this I started laughing and said, "Who is he?"  Matt said, "What do you mean?" And I said, "Who is the boy you are trying to look like?"  Matt's response, "His name is Zane.  He's in the third grade.  He has a skateboard too.  He dresses really cool!"  I wanted to start laughing again but I couldn't.  Because when I was close his age, Adrienne Guiness had  light denim Guess Jean overalls that I wanted with every fiber of my being.  And when my mom took me shopping for school clothes and I had $100 to spend and the Guess Jean overalls were $79.99 (85.00 with tax) I bought them and one shirt.  My mom was trying to make it VERY clear that she was not giving me any more money and if I spent all that money on these two items, then I was crazy.  I turned out to be crazy AND cutely dressed on the first day of school.

Maybe the funniest part of all of this was my mother and mother-in-law calling me saying "Where in the world do I find skinny jeans????" 

Sunday we met the Lockes' and Guido's at The Chuck for some morning fun!  Kirsten turns seven on Wednesday and it was the perfect way to celebrate without the party and all!!!

Let us in!!!  Rainy Sunday and The Chuck's not open yet!

I only put this in because Kelly did her hair just in case I posted a pic of her on the blog!  What up Kel!

Baby Leah!

Game face on.  I don't ever "let" me kids win..they have to earn it!  He knows this and he is all business!

Love this picture!

Colson riding the Barney train.

Matthew and Camden playing.

This is the look of sweet success.  Yep, he beat me!

The loot.

Kirsten, Matthew, and Kelly.

The seven year olds!

Camden---how do you not love that face!

After Chuck E Cheese, we took the boys to lunch before going bowling.  When we got to the bowling alley, they were not going to fit us in for hours so we had to go to plan B....John's Incredible Pizza...AKA--chuck E. Cheese's older brother!

So glad this was for the "kids".

Story of his life right now.  A day late and a few inches short.

The view from the outside...

So much fun!

Just pathetic!

Only him and his father have that look on their face when they are holding money.

The coolest shirt ever!!!  Thanks Mason and Mikayla!

Sooooo excited!

Laker Silly Bands!

The guitar for his "band".

Isn't this how all guitar players do it?

Rockin' out!

Crabby Patty Cake!

Matthew asked me to make a pineapple upside down cake.  I did it with pleasure...he hasn't had any yet!


I know the song choice is odd....but it's one of his favorites!  He's his father's son.

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