Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween / Field Trip

So Halloween has come and gone again.  THANK GOD!  Why is this such a stressful holiday?  It really shouldn't be.  I give myself just a couple more years of making costumes, then I am done.  And this year really wasn't all that difficult, but there is the whole "I made it, so if it breaks thirty minutes before trick or treating, that's on me!" thing going on.

This year Matthew wanted to be a spy.  He wanted to wear this cool hat, dressed in all black, with all this spy gear tools and on and on and on.  When we finally started trying to piece the costume together, it was clear that I had no idea what he wanted, so I offered an alternative.  How about being a cat burglar?  Some would call it leading toward glamorizing a life or crime...I call it the easiest costume ever assembled.  Ever.  Black hat, black pants, black shirt, and a smudge or two of eyeliner.  Done!

Ryan has been asking to be a spider since last year.  There was really nothing I could do about this.  I had to make it.  And luckily it poured rain on Saturday afternoon and we bypassed the downtown trick-or-treating, because there was no way this costume was making it out for two separate trick-or-treats.  I wouldn't consider myself getting lazy in my old age, but the quality of work is DEFINITELY declining and I am totally okay with that.  So the spider is resting comfortably in the back of my car waiting for Ryan to forget it is there and then he will finally be at his resting place....the Waste Management plant on Turner Road.

 Had to get the devil ready too!
 WOW!!!  Isn't it amazing how much a spider and a cat burglar look alike????

 The only tree in our neighborhood that has turned.
 The boys in motion...all business!

Here are some pics from Ryan's first field trip.

Ryan...from his dad's point of view.
 First bus ride!

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